How to Program a Pioneer Remote

Pioneer has always made life simple and easy. Pioneer car stereos, CD players, etc. always add to the enjoyment and liveliness. One such product is the Pioneer Remote or the Pioneer Universal remote. This is a component manufactured by the RCA. Pioneer remote allows you to control your television, DVD player, stereo, etc. all by itself. This remote will help you access all your electronic gadgets easily. However, for this you will have to program you pioneer remote. Now, how to program a pioneer remote is a big question. The answer to this question is very simple. Here are some simple steps that will help you to program your pioneer remote.

The pioneer remote relieves you from having different remotes for different gadgets and a number of remotes lying on your coffee table. You can get rid of all this by simply programming your Pioneer remote and using it for all your electronic gadgets.

How to program a pioneer remote?

  1. Decide which devices needs to be clubbed with the pioneer remote
  2. Switch on  the device which you need to program, manually.
  3. Now on the remote, press and immediately release the button that you wish to program for the device.
  4. While you are selecting this button for the device press hold the “Code Search” button.
  5. Once the component is selected, release the “Code Search” button and press the “On/Off” button, until your device is turned off. Once the device turns off, turn it on again with the remote.
  6. Once the device is turned on, press the “Enter” button on the remote while the device is still on. Along with the “Enter” button, press any other button on the remote. Suppose you wish to change to the next song, press the next key.
  7. Once your device responds to this, your pioneer remote is finally programmed with the device.

In the same manner, you can program another device with the pioneer remote. Just remember that for different devices you have to select different buttons. For example, if you have programmed to access a device with one button on the key, for another device you have to select a different button. The rest of the functions of all the other keys will remain same. For example, “Next” button on the remote will direct you to the next song, function or channel, whatever you are controlling.

This programming may sound a little difficult but once you do it on your own, you will realize that it is very easy to program your pioneer remote. Moreover, it will relieve you from having multiple remotes for multiple gadgets.

There is another hidden advantage of this pioneer remote. Suppose if someone does not know that you have a universal remote for all your devices and when such person tries to operate any gadget at your home, he/she will busy searching for the remote. If you do not want anyone to hover around with your electronic gadgets, you can always tell them that the remote is misplaced!

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