How to Raise a Child

How to Raise a Child

How to Raise a Child

Children are the most beautiful creations of God and we all like to see them being happy and spreading joy around with all of their cuteness as well as innocence. As they grow big, however, a few of them lose out on this aspect of innocence especially and put on some negative behavioral character traits. These are ugly attributes, which are disliked by one and all. Much as we may hate to see these behavioral attributes in the somewhat grown up kids, we have to know that the children by themselves, as they land on the earth, are not endowed with these unpleasant character traits, but rather it is the lack of looking after the imbibing of desirable behavioral attributes that make them behave in that particular manner. If this is the case, then it is not the kids, but rather their fathers as well as mothers, who need to be blamed for the same. Ideally, all the parents desire nothing but the very best for their little bundle of happiness; however, at times, as a result of being oblivious to some aspect or the other, this does not happen, and the result of it is that a few of the children are dissatisfied and not joyful, and this reflects in their character traits which as described before are unwanted. In order to raise happy and healthy kids, the key is that they need to have lots of engrossing activities to be involved and spend their day in the most productive way possible and besides, they have to be loved without any condition as well as made to feel and know that come what may, their father and mother are always by their side. Of course, along with it, the parents also need to ensure that being loved, does not mean that the children cross their limits as well as forget the cultivation of good qualities, something which will sustain them in the long course of their lives. From time to time, it is the duty of the father and the mother to ask themselves, if their kids are full of joy or not, as expected at their age, and in this, another question that might bother the parents is how to raise a child in one of the best possible manners.

Even though, it is but only natural that when we talk about happiness, especially that in case of children, then the first thing that comes to our mind is whether the kid is being able to get all that he or she likes to receive, then it means that he or she is joyful. Moreover, another folly that most of the father as well as mothers commit is to protect the child from any kind of emotional discomfort which instead of bringing about happiness in them, leads to them growing up with a lot of boredom, cynicism and sadness. Being joyful should come from inside, rather than from some external things. Hence, the mantra is to instill in children a strength from within so that they can depend on it for the rest of their long lives.

Figure out the indications given by the child:
Even though it may not be possible that the parents can accurately find out how to raise a child, especially in the early years of the child, gradually with each passing day, it will become more and more easier for both the father and the mother to exactly know what it is in the child that they have to look after. This typically happens at almost the age of six months from the birth, when the child becomes more and more demonstrative regarding his or her likes as well as dislikes in the form of expressions. It is also amusing to see how within a fraction of a second they all of a sudden switch their expressions from crying to smiling with the change of circumstances.

downloadAccording to a famous pediatric neuro scientist, Lise Eliot, a baby is extremely unpredictable in its reactions because of the fact that the part of the brain called the cerebral cortex that is responsible for the controlling of the automatic responses is not properly developed as yet. Therefore, as the kid grows up, with the passage of time, it would be found out that he or she has become more accurate in his or her reactions. Besides, it has also been found out that a child shows more responses of being unhappy or upset regarding something than being happy. One reason for this is babies generally experience distress earlier than signs of joy. Moreover, demonstrating such signs make the parent know that something is wrong in him or her and take measures to correct it, which the baby cannot speak about.

It is nothing less than a practice and skill on the part of the mother, who can know very accurately as well as easily what it is that is wrong in the baby at the slightest hint of its cry and facial expressions. It is mostly through the eyebrows, mouth as well as the different sorts of vocalizations that the mother of the child picks up her assumptions that are in most of the cases correct than not.

It has been seen that a baby who is experiencing some type of physical discomfort will generally cry out aloud and the expression on its face at that point of time would be that the corners of the mouth will be facing a downward motion, while his or her eyebrows would be curved in the shape of an arch in the middle of it. Most of the parents are not completely aware of the fact that when the baby gives out signals of being angry, then it just means that he or she is experiencing extreme discomfort. Besides, a child generally experiences feelings of discomfort if there is excessive bright light or noise around him or her, but then if it continues for a longer duration of time, then that emotion takes the form of anger in the child. The underlying factor is that they are merely happy or not depending on their immediate situation and not something else.

Another amusing factor about the expressions of kids, especially babies till the age of six months is that even if they appear to be joyful or upset regarding something around them, they are not able to feel any kind of emotion till they attain the age of six months. This is due to the fact that the cortical emotion centers of the baby’s brain are not functioning till they attain the age of six months. It is only after they attain the age of six or eight months that they begin to feel the emotions that they reveal on their faces. Even though it is no doubt a very hard task to figure out how to raise a child by simply reading through their facial expressions and then bringing them up in the best possible way, taking care not to do any act that is not in favor of their mental and physical emotions, with each passing day, as you are in more such circumstances where you have to deal with the varied emotions of your child, you become adept in tackling the concerns of your child and say with pride that you are the best father or mother.

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