How to Register Nick on IRC

The oldest mode of chat on internet is the Internet Relay Chat (IRC). It allows the person to request for a nickname or username. The same nickname or username can be used by different users at different times. They can also compete for the nickname at a given time. Now it has allowed its users to claim a nickname for themselves. If you wish to have a nickname, you need to know how to register nick on IRC.

How to register nick on IRC?

  1. Access the network of IRC. Click on ‘Log in’.
  2. Choose a username or nickname, with which you would like to access your IRC account. When you give a username, Nickserv will automatically notify you whether the nickname is available, or already in use.
  3. If you get the notification of the nickname being in use already, you can query Nickserv, whether the nickname is owned or claimed.
  4. If it is not owned then run the server of IRC with a standard command. The syntax of the command will be /msg Nickserv INFO nickname.
  5. Once you run this command, replace the old username with the name you chose.
  6. The next step will require you to send the Nickserv, a registration message.
  7. For this, you will have to run another command on the IRC server. The syntax for this command will be – /msg Nickserv REGISTER password email.
  8. Here you will have to choose a new password for this new nickname you chose, and replace your old password. The password in IRC is case sensitive. Also, replace the email id there with your current email address.
  9. The email that you provide here will get a notification message. In this message, you will get an ‘authentication code’. You need this authentication code to complete your registration with IRC.
  10. Then in the same window of the IRC network, type a command- /msg Nickserv AUTH code.
  11. Here you will have to replace the existing code with the authentication code you got in the email.
  12. When you get a confirmation message, close this page, log on to the IRC network using your new username and password.
  13. You need to log in with this name and password, at least once in a month so that your account does not expire.

The syntax given above may vary among versions. The syntax given above is specific to IRC services and is developed by Andrew Church. In case you do not know the syntax, or the syntax given here shows invalid on your system, you can simply type ‘help’ in the command window, and get the list of commands for Nickserv.

Try out these instructions given above and register with a username or nickname of your choice on IRC.

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