How to Reinforce Concrete

Reinforced concrete is a kind of material that is used by the designers, architects and engineers for a long time now. The finished product that they get is much stronger than the concrete, steel or any of the material used for bridges and buildings. Reinforced concrete is used for giving a building or any other structure more support. Therefore, you must know how to reinforce concrete.

Sometimes the entire building is made from reinforced concrete because those buildings usually have an odd shape. Reinforced concrete is best used for creating heavier and larger buildings. Here are some simple steps on how to reinforce concrete.

Reinforce Concrete Slabs

Things Required:

  • Concrete
  • Rebar
  • Local building tools
  • Rebar cutter
  • Rebar ties
  • Rebar chairs
  • Tape measure
  • Steel mesh
  • 2:4 wooden beams
  • Stakes
  • Nails


  • First, you will have to measure the entire area where you will be laying the concrete slab. Start surrounding that area with a two-by-four wooden beam barrier, which will serve as a support for your concrete slab, until it has been constructed completely. Secure the barrier carefully in place, for this you will have to nail the stakes, which are driven into the ground.
  • Now, you will have to determine the size and thickness of the rebar, which is required for supporting the specific concrete slab. According to the renovation Headquarters website, the strength of the rebar can be determined with the weight that the concrete slab can support. It is essential that you find out the state requirements for choosing and spacing the rebar for every project.
  • Start cutting the rebar in the required size, align every portion of the rebar horizontally and leave a space of one to two feet between every piece. The spacing will also depend on your state regulations. Once you have placed the rebar horizontally across the whole area, then you must use the same method for placing the rebar vertically in the same area. According to the Renovations Headquarters website, once you have placed all the rebar, rebar ties will be used for securing the places where the rebar overlaps.
  • Now, move the rebar grid, start placing the plastic rebars chairs in place, which will elevate the grid two inches from the ground. Some of the states will have a requirement to place a steel mesh on the rebar chair before you insert the rebar grid. You can find all the building codes on the Reed Construction website.
  • Place the rebar grid over the rebar chairs on the wire mesh. Take an appointment with the building inspector for getting the structure approved before you pour in the concrete.

Reinforce Concrete Driveways

  • Buy enough steel rebar rods for reinforcing the space, which is in the concrete form. There will be different building codes, but usually the spacing will be between one or two feet apart. This means that you will have to place rebar rods both vertically and horizontally and not farther apart than the mentioned distance.
  • Place the rebar rods on the sand base in specific forms. The rebar will always come in 20-foot length and you will have to lay full-length rods along the length of the driveway. The ends of the rebar should overlap at six inches.
  • Also, cut some rebar rods to fit along the width of the driveway and lay them on the long rebar rods. For instance, if you the building code needs steel bar reinforcement on every two-foot center, then you must make a grid with the rods, place them not more than two feet apart in both directions.
  • Now, you will have to tie the loose rebar ends together and this will be the point where the rebar rods will overlap. Use the rebar ties by keeping the center of the tie below the overlapped bars and bend the end loop upwards. Keep the point of the pigtail on both loops and start spinning the tool to twist the ties firmly.
  • Pick up the rebar grid and keep the rebar chairs below every spot wherever the bar crosses. Rebar chairs are small plastic holders with a recessed area on the top for holding the bar intersection. Once all the chairs are in place, the rebar grid will be resting just a couple of inches above the sand.
  • Remember that you will have to lay the steel mesh before you start placing the rebar grid. You must cut the mesh along its length so that it fits between the forms and use only the rebar ties to fasten the ends together. now, you can position the rebar on top.

Tips and Warnings:

  • Always remember that you can use more steel reinforcement than mentioned by local code but you can never use less
  • Remember to call the building inspector for examining and approving the steel reinforcement before you start pounding it with concrete.

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