How to Relax before a Presentation

Every sports person warms up before a play. Now why is that? Warming up relaxes them and gets them going. Every person needs to relax before a presentation. This will give you a new confidence boost and give the message that you give the audience a new face. Every person needs to be confident when presenting something. Only then the audience will believe what they say. This confidence can be brought about with the help of some relaxation methods. Now how to relax before a presentation? Let us dig in and find out how to do it!

Breathing exercises:

Breathing exercises have been there for a long time. They help you relax and be more concentrated. They help to increase voice volume too. Now this is very important in a presentation.
How to Relax before a Presentation

  • Jog stationary for a minute, now breathe out.
  • Keep your belly free, raise your arms above your head and breathe in and out.
  • Hold your breath and count till 5
  • Now breathe out, slowly with the count of 10. relax
  • Now tense up your whole body and count for 10, release and relax


Traditional yoga can relax tour mind and body. There are some useful aasanas in yoga that can make you relax and think straight:

Shavasana: This helps you to relax your whole body.

  • Lie down and spread your legs and hands sideways.
  • Now take a deep breath. Release it slowly.

Pranayama: helps you to concentrate and think straight.

  • Sit with your legs crossed on the ground
  • Keep your hands on your knee.
  • Inhale fast and release your breath slowly.
  • Repeat this for 10 times.

For your voice:

  • Open your mouth widely and close it with your teeth.
  • Keep your mouth like you are having a big apple or burger. Stretch your jaws.
  • Hydrate your mouth.
  • Now practice some loud sounds




Make up your own pronunciations and practice.

  • Above all love the work you are doing. Mean what you say. Always make eye contact with the audience. This will help you to personalize the presentation and also help you to work better during presentation.
  • Trust yourself. Do not underestimate or over estimate yourself. Make sure you are well planned and in the last minute, do not panic.
  • Dress comfortably. This will enable you to carry yourself with confidence and help you to be comfortable.

These pointers will help you relax and present your presentation sans, fear, panic or anxiety.

All the best!

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