How to Report Animal Cruelty

How to Report Animal Cruelty

How to Report Animal Cruelty

At one point of time or another, we have come across situations when we have seen torture being inflicted on animals, be it pet animals or wild animals. Have we at that point of time, ever wondered who gave us the authority to be engaged in all these kinds of activities. But then at that time, instead of being a mute spectator to the heinous act, have we ever wondered whether we could be of any aid to in preventing such circumstances. Or rather, do we spare a thought as to how to report animal cruelty, especially in those cases, when we are the witness to atrocities being done on a creature. However, at the same time, it is also equally true that not all acts of human beings towards animals can be considered as acts of atrocity, and there are many ways to find out which among them are taken as instances wherein the rights of the injured animal is violated and are hence liable for action on the individual committing it and being termed as an instance of animal cruelty. Has this not been so, at times, there would have been times, when even the animal behaving in a manner as a reaction of happiness in accordance with the behavior of its owner had chances of being misinterpreted by most of the people, not acquainted with the behavior of animals, in reaction to an injury being committed by the owner.

In fact, only some heinous acts, as directly causing death of a poor animal, bringing about untold misery, pain as well as suffering to the unfortunate animal by beating it up, or causing injury to it by poking it with sharp instruments can be judged as atrocities being committed on the victimized animal. Even depriving the poor animal of basic needs of maintaining life, like the mere access to clean and hygienic drinking water easily accessible to it as and when it needs, good as well as nutritious food, a safe habitat for sleeping peacefully as and when it needs to, availability of being looked after by a proper registered veterinarian when it is unwell and so on, can be taken as atrocities being committed by the owner of the unfortunate animal. If in case, any person feels that it is beyond his/her capacity to provide for all of these facilities for the poor animal, he or she has to immediately let the unfortunate animal out of captivity, in which case the poor animal can have the freedom to live in a way it desires to, instead of making it lead a miserable and wretched life. Even though there are a few general rules of what is meant by atrocities on the poor animals, there are differences in the guidelines depending on geographical location of a place. In some places of the world, there are a few communities where even something which appears to be legal, it might not appear the same to others. , Acts such as leaving an unfortunate animal in a vehicle that has been parked in the sun, the usage of a heavy chain for tying an animal for a considerable amount of time, are judged as atrocities towards the poor animal and are therefore, illegal.

The importance of reporting cases of cruelty against unfortunate animals:

imagesMany a times it so happens that because we want to avoid going through any type of embarrassment with our neighbors, who are committing heinous acts on animals and putting them in pain, we remain mute and do not report to the concerned authorities even if we constantly hear the wail of the animals, since we do not want to spoil the relation with them. Most of the times, we also have no knowledge of how to report animal cruelty and we must be aware of where to go for reporting cases of atrocities on animals as well as ensure that they are thoroughly investigated. But then there are times, when we are faced with circumstances when we see that even after making ceaseless complaints or even after lodging reports against people who have committed acts of violence on animals, we are then proved wrong about our feelings from the local humane organizations as well as the non- profit organizations dedicated to the cause, when we find them taking no actions for the solution of the cause. However, one reason for this is also the fact that, these non-profit organizations are not in a position to or given the necessary power to look after these cases even if they are brought to them by the concerned people to look into. Of course, especially in some places like the rural areas mostly, in the absence of any organization to look after all these issues of animal cruelty by humans, there are a few local human societies, which have been vested with the liberty to take care of these cases of atrocities on animals. But in these cases of heinous acts being committed on the poor animals, whether pet or wild, it is best to not solve the case by ourselves, but to ask help from the concerned people of the region who have been assigned the duty to take care of the issues. There are also places wherein, in the absence of any of these types of non-profit organizations to take care of the acts of violence on unfortunate animals, the police or the sheriff are vested with the duty or responsibility to look after all these issues. However, the only thing to bear in mind at that point of time when we witness acts of atrocities being committed on the animals is that we at least discover the means of how to report animal cruelty and not be passive spectators of the situation at hand.

One of the reasons to report such act as soon as is possible is to make sure that first and foremost of all, the animal in distress needs to be looked after as soon as is possible, and secondly the concerned individuals given the responsibility to take care of all these issues, are made known of the issues that may otherwise go unreported and these atrocities on poor animals are not made to continue anymore. The main goal behind finding out how to report animal cruelty is to ensure that these atrocious acts on unfortunate animals are put an end to, instead of allowing them to become prominent.

It is but natural for us to go through different feelings of anger, hurt, outrage, worry and the like at the death of our near and dear ones, and in the case of our other friends on earth, it should be no different. As we are overcome by anger at the sight of any cruelty or injustice done on our near and dear ones, in case of seeing a same act being committed on a poor animal, it has to be no different and for this very reason, we need to be well versed in how to report animal cruelty before it gets too late for the unfortunate animal.

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