How to Resolve Anger

Anger is a kind of emotion that every human and animal experiences in their life. There are mild forms of anger like irritation, dislike and displeasure. If a person reacts to criticism, frustration or threat, then it is considered as healthy response. Anger is also known as the secondary response for some feelings like loneliness, sorrow or fright. When anger is in the full rage form, your thinking becomes impaired and you tend to say many unreasonable things.

Anger is not only a mental state of mind; it shoots the heart rate, blood pressure and adrenaline levels. Anger does have survival benefits and forms a response for the fight mode in the brain, if a person sees a threat coming along. Anger can be expressed in various ways; by making loud sounds, baring teeth and specific posture depicting anger.

There are various styles of anger like:

  • The Mad Hatter: a person in this condition will yell or curse other people when that person is frustrated.
  • The Sulker: this person will sit on one chair and stop speaking to everyone and looks at other angrily.
  • Safe Haven Abuser: this person will remove his or her frustration only on the person they love.
  • The Distracter: this person will usually forget an errand and be in his or her own world. When confronted, they angrily say, “I forgot, I don’t know.”
  • The Blamer: this person will blame everyone for all the possible wrong happenings and will never accept his or her own mistake.
  • The Avenger: this person is someone who will seek vengeance and consider it the right way by making an excuse: they deserved it.

It is very important to resolve anger or it may lead to wrong consequences.

Here are simple steps that will tell you how to resolve anger:
How to Resolve Anger
Things Required:

  • Anger management skills


  • The first step to resolve anger is to put your anger in writing. Make an anger journal and start mentioning the times when you get angry along with the reason. It will help you in identifying the roots of your anger and writing will give you relief. So keep writing.
  • The key rule is to let things go. Once the situation, which made you angry, has passed away, you must let it go and not bother about it. It is done and over, so moves on.
  • If you think that you want to release your anger then scream and let it loose. However, do not scream aloud instead scream in a pillow or put some loud music and start singing until your throat gets hoarse. Always remember not to punch walls or doors, as it will not relieve anger and you will hurt yourself. Use the technique of meditation to resolve anger. Just close your eyes and try to imagine yourself in a peaceful atmosphere.
  • If anger is something that you cannot let go, then you must join the self-help group. Look for a support group in your locality so that you never feel alone when angry.
  • Join some martial arts classes to resolve anger. Martial art is a good way of working out, which will release sweat from your body and in turn, your brain will start releasing endorphins. The endorphin makes a person happy. If martial art is something that you cannot do, then join classes for relaxing yoga exercises.  
  • When you get the feeling that you are getting angry try to do something to remove yourself from that situation until you feel happy or better.
  • Look for a relaxing hobby to resolve anger. Do gardening where the physical act of your connection with the nature will help you in getting relaxed and give you a positive outlook.
  • Always remember that you must not let anger consume you, you must learn to forgive people. If you forgive someone you will get a sense of freedom; holding on to anger is like self-imprisonment.

Tips and Warnings:

  • If you still think that you are not able to handle your anger, then you might need a special help of a therapist, who has a specialization in anger management.

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