How to Resolve Global Warming

Sea levels are rising, wildlife is scrambling, cloud forests are dying and glaciers are melting. It has become very clear that humans have done everything to increase the warming by releasing harmful gases to live a modern life. This is known as global warming and it is causing a number of changes in the climate and weather or earth. The increase in global warming has changed the rhythm of planet earth.

The main reason for increase in global warming is the ‘greenhouse effect’. The greenhouse effect is when certain kinds of gases on earth start trapping heat. All these gases allow light to come in but trap the heat, it is similar to the walls in the greenhouse. The only problem is that the greenhouse effect is causing drastic climatic changes that many living things find difficult to adapt. Also new changes in the climate will pose some unique challenges for living beings. With the rise in mercury, the climate will change in its own unexpected ways. The rise in seal level will cause weather to become extreme.

There are numerous ways in which one can contribute to resolve global warming problems. In our little ways, we can make a great contribution to the beautiful nature on earth.

Here are some steps on how to resolve global warming:
How to Resolve Global Warming

  • Support Alternate Energy Resource: One of the main reasons for the rise in global warming is the rise in CO2 gas that is Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. Almost more than 3 percent of carbon dioxide released in atmosphere can be credited to all the electric power plants. The renewable energy can help in stopping this trend. There are many renewable energy resources like water, solar and wind power, can help in decreasing the emission of carbon dioxide, which leads to global warming. However, many people oppose the use of renewable energy. If your community is supporting the use of natural energy then support them in making a change and thus contribute in the efforts to resolve global warming.
  • Legislation: Get yourself acquainted with standards on your vehicle fuel. An average vehicle emits five tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere every year, and it is one of the largest sources for the gas emissions. If you think that this is your concern, then you must voice your opinion. Ask some of the legislators to consider raising the standards of Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFÉ). If the CAFÉ points are increased then fuel efficiency will be more and the emission of CO2 less.
  • Consumption Habits: You can resolve global warming issues by changing you energy consumption habits. Most of our everyday consumption is in electricity. Is your computer on all day? Is your thermostat set on even when no one is home? If you want to stop global warming then you must switch off your computer in the night, as this alone will save 200 pounds of CO2 on a yearly basis. Always remember that you must always switch off all the electrical appliances when you are not using them. Replace the old bulbs with fluorescent bulbs and try to replace all the older appliances and hang dry the clothes. If you make minor changes in your daily activities then you can make a huge difference.
  • Shopping: Change your shopping habits. Sometimes the purchases you make can be harmful for the environment. Try to buy all the local products, you can find fruits and vegetables easily, and don’t forget to check the label on dairy products for their location. Local purchases will help in saving the atmosphere and increase the local business. If you buy products with minimal packaging then you can save up to 1,200 pounds of CO2 emission and help to resolve global warming.
  • Automobiles: Get your vehicle maintenance done on a regular basis for all the vehicles. There are many new vehicles that are environment friendly, but they still cause global warming. A dirty gas filter can make 800 pounds of CO2 in the atmosphere. Keep the tires of your vehicle inflated and change the filters when required. Do every little bit you can to resolve global warming.

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