How to Ride ATV

An ATV, or an all-terrain vehicle, is a type of vehicle that rides on low-pressure tires. Its seat is straddled by the operator and it has handlebars for steering. When you first sit on the ATV, the ride which you enjoy is unforgettable. This ride is full of fun and excitement. For the first time, you sit behind someone on the ATV, but next time you want to drive ATV on your own. At this moment, you need to know how to ride ATV.

Following points will tell you the correct way to ride an ATV:

  • When you are about to ride ATV, you need to first select the best one as per your style. There are many brands of ATV such as Honda, Yamaha and Polaris, which are the most popular ones. Select one of these brands and start the ride.
  • You can buy either buy one ATV for yourself to ride upon or can hire it. You will find shops that hire branded ATV. You only need to pay the renting charges and you can ride ATV.
  • To start with, you can get a 200cc ATV and take your first ride on it. ATVs are available in different sizes and all shapes. The size of ATV depends upon the engine displacement of the ATV.
  • If you don’t have any protective gears with you, buy some. You will need a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and other gears. These are mandatory to wear when you are riding ATV. If you met with an accident on ATV, you will be surely saved by these gears. Hence, it is advisable to wear these protective gears before you start riding.
  • How to Ride ATV

  • If you are not well versed with how to ride ATV, take somebody’s help. You can start riding ATV in guidance of some trained professionals who will tell you all the ways to ride it.
  • When you are fully prepared to ride ATV after wearing all your protective gears, sit on the seat of ATV and start the vehicle. There are two ways of starting ATV. First one is the simple method; you only need to press the start button while turning the key of the ATV. Anyone can start this way. Second method is pulling the cord to start the engine. This is a little tough method and you also need a bit more strength than the first method.
  • Now when you have started the ATV, first take an overview of the vehicle, see where the brakes and gears are positioned along with other essential elements of the vehicle.
  • When you are about to accelerate the vehicle, see to it that you have unlocked the parking brake. This can be done either by depressing the backward or rear brake or else by changing the gear from park to any other.
  • Now when you have freed your ATV from the parking break, you are free to accelerate the vehicle. Move the lever in forward direction so as to out the gear. You can also get ATV with automatic transmission. This type of vehicle changes the gears automatically and there is no need of changing the gears manually. Hence, it is recommended to get an automatic ATV.
  • To increase speed, press the throttle by twisting your right handgrip, which is nothing but accelerator.
  • Drive very slowly and try to maintain one speed. At the starting, don’t drive at a speed of more than 20mph.
  • Once you have got a grip of the speed and brakes, slowly increase the speed. As the surface on which you are riding ATV is bumpy, see to it that you take all the necessary precautions to ride safely. Or it might happen that you will fall down.
  • While stopping the ATV, you can either press the foot pedal or pull the brake lever, which is on the handlebars.
  • When the vehicle slows down, get the vehicle in neutral gear and then only turn it off. If the vehicle is in gear, next time when you start the vehicle, it may cause some accident. Also, while dismounting the vehicle, ATV may accelerate automatically and will fall down.
  • When you get ATV in the neutral gear, get up from the seat and swing your leg to get off the ATV.
  • Turn off the ignition. Remove the key from the lock. Don’t forget to set parking brakes before leaving the ATV.

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