How to Save Electricity

How to Save Electricity

How to Save Electricity

Even though human beings blame other creatures and especially dogs, to which we have the easiest access to, of being victims of the tendency of continuing to repeat the same follies over and over again, even we are no exceptions to the rule. Even we are victims of this common tendency, and one good example of this is the fact that in spite of repeated pleadings by the environmentalists of our society, who make us aware of the plight faced by our earth, we nonetheless carry on with our mistakes of contributing to the cause of global warming every day in our lives. There are many little things in our daily activities, by engaging in which we can do our own small bit for the preservation of the natural cover of our earth as well as prevent it from facing extinction in the future. One such little activity can be discovering how to save electricity at our educational institutions, at home or at our workplaces, where more often than not, electricity is spent on useless endeavors and can be very well managed without doing it. If you are also among such people who desire to contribute your bit by helping to save electricity for the preservation of our beautiful planet earth, but are not exactly sure how to go about it, here we are putting before you pointers for the same.

Let us now consider how to save electricity and contribute as human beings for our planet earth.

  • Be sure to switch off the fan and the lights at the time of going away from a room.
  • Many people have the bad habit of leaving home without checking if other electrical appliances of the house are on or not at the time of leaving home. Always make it a point to bear in mind to switch off all the other electrical devices of the house as computers, DVD players, any radio, stereos, TVs, VCRs or video games.
  • Besides, some people have the bad habit of going on a long holiday without even bothering to check for once if any of the electrical appliances at home are switched on . It is essential to switch off as well as unplug all of these devices when one decides to go for a long holiday, as they all have functions of stand by which consume electricity even while being turned off. Hence, it is of utmost importance to turn them off while going for a long holiday.
  • At the same time, it is also necessary to fill the dishwasher as efficiently as is possible and lessen the count of running it.
  • It is also essential to bear in mind not to place any furniture or some other thing in front of the air conditioners.
  • It is also important not to leave doors as well as windows open at the time of switching on any air conditioning or heating.
  • One should also make sure to place a programmable thermostat that keeps the temperature of the house maintained. They reduce the cost of the bills of electricity by almost ten percent by lessening the heat inside the home or raising the temperature of the air conditioner even if there is nobody in the house.
  • Another means of discovering how to save electricity is by checking how much of electricity the water heater consumes and if in case it consumes more than similar water heater models, it is time for you to replace it .
  • It is also essential to place an insulated blanket around an old water heater, and insulation around the inner and outer pipes of the water heater.
  • Moreover, if you know that you are going out of station for a couple of days to a month or so, it is advised that you make it a point to switch off the water heater.
  • It is also important to drain out about a gallon of water at least once a year from the faucet at the bottom of the water heater that removes sediment in the content of the water, which in turn minimizes the efficiency of the water heater.
  • It is also necessary to change the filter of the furnace in a year or before , as they generally get blocked with a lot of dirt and dust circulating around the home making it difficult for the furnace to work properly to heat up the house because air cannot pass through properly through the filter.
  • If the insulation of the attic is not about six inches to a foot thick, then there are chances for the heat to be wasted.
  • Keep doors as well as vents closed in rooms that are not being used by any of the members of the home.
  • There are chances of cracks being in doors and windows of the house. Hold a feather or a ribbon and approach doors as well as windows and if in case there are drafts in any of them, apply caulking or weather stripping for keeping the air out and for keeping air conditioning or heating in.
  • Many people have the habit of leaving the tap on at the time of brushing their teeth. It is advised that for discovering how to save electricity, you close the tap till you are done with your brushing and it is also advisable to go for showers for a lesser amount of time. This apart from saving water, also saves the electricity needed to pump in as well as heat water coming in from the shower.
  • Some people unnecessarily switch on the lights even at the time when the sun is shining bright in the sky and there is light all around. This is no doubt a bad habit and one has to be rid of it and use daylight hours by not switching on the lights of the home even during daytime.
  • Another essential fact many of us are not aware of is that a 100-watt bulb of light consumes less electricity as well as energy, and at the same time gives more light in comparison to two bulbs of light of 60 watts. Therefore, it is always a best idea to use one large bulb of light than use many small bulbs of light.
  • Although many people are aware of the befits of using florescent bulbs, they fail to install them when it comes to putting it into practice. Florescent bulbs consume around seventy five percent of less electricity as well as energy and it is a better idea to use them for they are also known to last longer in comparison to incandescent bulbs of light.
  • One more good idea is to use low wattage bulbs of light, especially in those areas of the house where we are not in need of bright light.
  • Another good thing is to decide beforehand what is it that we want to take out from the fridge, so that we do not waste a lot of electricity, standing in front of the opened fridge and looking inside by leaving the door open and wondering what to take out.
  • imagesIt is also important to vacuum the fridge coils after a couple of months or so so as to lower the bill and keep it working better.
  • One more good idea is to allow the food to cool down, at least to a lower temperature before putting them inside the fridge, unless of course, asked not to according to the instructions given in the recipe.
  • At the time of cooking dishes in microwave, it is always a best idea to cook many of them simultaneously, in which case a lot of electricity as well as energy can be saved.
  • The door of the microwave has to be kept closed till such time as the food has been cooked properly.
  • It is also necessary to first and foremost defrost the foods before cooking them since in this manner, almost one third of less electricity and energy is consumed, than when cooking food which is frozen at the time of placing it in the microwave.
  • It is also essential that apart from washing full loads of clothes, you apply the cold water as is possible for rinsing as well as washing clothes.
  • Besides, it is also important to clean off the lint filter of the dryer of the washing machine after every wash.

During different seasons, there are different methods to apply for discovering how to save electricity and let us take into account pointers for summer and the winter season.


  • Close the drapes, shades and blinds during daytime.
  • Window fans or ceiling fans can be used in place of air conditioners as they consume less electricity as well as energy.
  • Air conditioning needs to be used only if it is extremely hot outside.
  • At the same time, it is also necessary to bear in mind to switch off air conditioner if you are out for a long duration of time.
  • Replace or clean the filters of air conditioners almost every month of both the window and central air-conditioners.
  • It is essential to turn the thermostat by some degrees at the time of keeping the air-conditioner switched on. Seventy four degrees is quite a comfortable temperature and in this way, it saves as much as five percent on the electric bills.
  • A known fact is to plant trees, especially in one’s yard as they provide a cover for the house during summer as well as keeps the home cooler.
  • It is also possible to provide a cover for the air-conditioner in which case it consumes five percent lesser electricity and energy than when it is exposed to the bright sun.


  • It is important to keep the thermostat at sixty eight degrees or below and if in case you are feeling cold, you can wear a sweater. It is necessary to keep in mind that for every change of degree of temperature, you are saving as much as five percent of the electricity bill for the month.
  • On bright sunny winter days, the blinds, curtains as well as the drapes can be let open to allow the sunshine inside to heat up the home.
  • Dampers of fireplaces can be seen if they are closed and tightly fitted , when not using the fireplace.
  • Clear plastic cover can be placed on the windows of the house that works as insulation as well as prevents the outside air from coming inside the home.

With all of these above given pointers, you are now well aware of how to save electricity and do your part in contributing for the preservation of the beautiful planet, earth.

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