How to Sell a Magazine

A magazine is very similar to periodical and is published twice every month. Magazines contain various articles on a wide range of topics. Some of the magazines are topic oriented like fashion magazines, crime magazines or lifestyle magazines. These magazines are easily found on the nearby newspaper vendor or bookstall. Magazines are considered as a way to give people some recent information on different topics on frequent basis.

Magazines have changed a lot over the time. Now the magazines can be divided into three different categories like:

  • Trade: Trade magazines are specially designed to inform the professional world about the recent items in the market. The buyer of the trade magazines are mostly the business professionals and all the articles are written by trade professionals.
  • News: One of the famous news magazines is The Economist. All news magazines are published on weekly basis. These magazines are best for the reader who cannot read newspapers everyday. They can check all the news in this weekly magazine.
  • Consumer: All current magazines fall under this category. These consumer magazines have small articles dealing with a variety of topics for the gardeners, dog lovers and many more interest groups. However, all the major space in consumer magazine is utilized for advertising.

Magazines are becoming very popular day by day. However, to keep your publication running successfully, one needs to have good financial support. One good way to earn money out of magazines is by selling the advertisements to prospective people. Here are some simple steps that will tell you how to sell magazine advertising.
how to sell magazine

How to sell magazine advertising

Things Required:

  • Computer along with internet connection
  • Phone
  • Paper
  • Copies of all the competing magazines


  • Perform a complete research about your competition in the market. Start making a list of all the publications in your locality and read them carefully to see what kind of advertisers they use. These magazines will be your competitors in the market and will help you to approach your business in a better way.
  • Research your market. Make a list of the all the advertisements you want to feature in your magazine. Then start looking for the companies under every category and choose the best one.
  • Make an attractive advertising package. The advertising package must include all the information of your magazine, which you will be presenting to your readers. Write an opening letter, detailed description of the magazine, what are the readership number, section and frequency. Add some other information like the kind of readers your magazine usually attracts and certain details on the ad package.
  • Do not forget to write your sales pitch. This is considered as the opening letter for making a deal with the potential advertisers, and you can use this over the phone, email or in person. Make sure that you mention all the essential details in your ad package, including things like ad specials, kind of magazine and total readership.
  • Contact all your potential advertisers personally. You can use the sales pitch as your guide for selling the ad space. Selling ads to your clients is the most difficult thing, sometimes you might have to try more than one method, and so be patient.
  • Make a separate account for every new advertiser. The account should have details like the business name, contact info, size and type of the ad. Use this form for every advertiser and mention the amount of money pending for every ad along with the due date.

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