How to Set Clock on a Pioneer Car Stereo

Your cars stereo timings need to be set but you do not how to set the clock on your pioneer car stereo and are hunting for the manual? Also, last time when you set the time right reading that instruction manual, it was definitely a tough task going through that manual. You do not need to go through all this again. After all, setting the clock is not a big tedious task. You will not have to take help from your friends and they show it off to you how techie they are? You can set the clock time yourself. Here are some simple steps to set the clock time on your pioneer car stereo.

How to set clock time on a pioneer car stereo?

  1. You need to switch on the car stereo first. For this start your car and do not forget to pull up the hand brake or emergency brake.
  2. Switch on the power button to turn on the car stereo; then press and hold the Control channel or button on the stereo (this button is the round dial on your stereo)
  3. Once the display menu pops up rotate this control channel until it is pointed towards “CLOCK”. In the older models, there is a Function or the Audio button. You will have to press this button until you read CLOCK on your display.
  4. Once you see clock, press the button (in older models) again or just rotate towards “Set time.”
  5. Push the Control Channel upwards or downwards to set the time in hours and minutes. In older models, you will have to first press the “UP” and “Down” button. This will let you set the hours. After this you will have to use the “LEFT” and “RIGHT” arrows to go to minutes settings and then using “UP” and “DOWN” arrow, set the minutes.
  6. Confirm the time again with your watch. If there is an option for “SAVE”, select it.
  7. Finally click or select the “ESCAPE”, “EXIT” or “SOURCE” button to exit from the menu.

You are done with the setting. Isn’t it simple? You just need to follow these steps and you can set the time on your car stereo. Moreover, the stereo system settings itself directs you. For example, when you choose “CLOCK”, you will be directed to “SET TIME” or sometimes “SET FORMAT”. When you select “SET TIME”, you will then get options for hours and minutes. It just goes on and is very simple. To set the pioneer car stereo time is no rocket science.

Time format is an option that helps you to choose how your time will be displayed. For example, if you choose “12 hour format”- and it is 6 pm in the evening, it will be displayed as 6 pm. In the “24 hour” format, it will be displayed as 18.00 hrs.

Next time, when you have to set the time on the car stereo, you will not have to struggle with the instruction manual. Nor will you need your “Tech Savvy” friends to do it for you. You can now set the time anywhere and anytime, all by yourself.

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