How to Shovel Snow

If you live in an area where snowfall is a part of your daily life, you will have to shovel the snow and clear your driveway. If you are worried about ‘how to shovel snow’, you do not need to because it is a very simple task.

You can easily shovel the snow; however, you need to remember that it is an activity that needs strength. You will also need some props before you start the shovel procedure. Here is a list of things you need.

Props needed for shoveling the snow:

  • Good sharp shovel – to shovel the snow
  • Big Snow Boots – to help you hold grip to the ground so that you do not slip
  • Hand Gloves – to avoid cold
  • Cap – to avoid cold

After all, you will be standing in snow and shoveling, I am sure you don’t want o fall sick. When you are ready with all this, you can start to shovel the snow.

How to shovel snow?

  • Good Shovel:

Get a good shovel. Some shovels have open ends. These shovels will help you to toss off the snow easily. Usually prefer a shovel with a long handle. This will help you to stand straight while shoveling the snow and save you from the disastrous backache later.

A non-stick surface and light-weighted shovel is more suitable for the task. Ergonomic shovels are the best for this task as they have a bend in the handle.

There are two types of shovels basically- Digging shovel, for very high levels of snow and Pushing Shovel for just pushing away low levels of snow from the walkways, driveways, etc. Choose your shovel accordingly.

  • Physical Health:

Shoveling the snow requires physical strength and is a hectic activity. If you have had a joint surgery, fracture or muscle cramp, avoid doing this task as it will exert more pressure on your body.

People suffering from heart problems and back ache or slip disc should stay away from doing this task.

Besides this if you are allergic to cold, you better delegate this task to someone else. If there is no one in your family to do it for you, you can hire someone to move the snow off.

  • Dress:

You have to be out there in the cold. Standing in the snow and clearing snow will not be easy if you do not take proper precautions in terms of dressing. Gloves and cap is a must.

  • Take a look and Plan:

First take a look at the snow clad area and decide which area to clear first. You need to clear the way in a manner that will help you move forward and continue with your task.

Also, place the shoveled snow in such a way, that it does not come in your way again while moving ahead.

  • Begin the task:

If the level of the snow is high, you will have to dig the snow with shovel. If it is not very high, push the snow and clear the way. While digging you will have to dig the upper layers and then go deeper. Digging very deep right in the beginning can be very hectic.

While pushing the snow, hold the shovel at an angle and make passes back & forth along the width of the driveway or walkway. Follow the procedure and continue the task of shoveling.

  • Breaks:

Do not work continuously, take breaks. Shoveling involves great amount of physical exertion. You need to take breaks and drink plenty of water while doing this task. Working continuously will exhaust you and also lead to severe aches or cramps.

Although it will be cold and you won’t feel thirsty, the physical work that you are putting in may cause dehydration.

Toss the snow in such a way that you do not need to first lift the snow with the shovel and then go to dump it somewhere. This will only add to your physical exertion.

It is equally important to clear away the snow surrounding the mailboxes. If the mail carrier finds it difficult to reach to your mailbox, you might probably miss some important mail.

  • Post Snow Shovel:

You have cleared away the snow, what next? You are not done. Chip off any ice present below the snow. Also, clear away the chunks, if any.

After you are done with this, spread rock salt over the cleared area. This will avoid any icing on the cleared way. However, you have to be careful with salt because it can harm the landscaping, lawn and watershed. If the temperature is warm enough only then salt should be used.

In addition, sprinkle sand, to avoid any accidents caused of slipping.

  • Post Shoveling Task for you:

After shoveling the snow, have a cup of hot chocolate, tea or even hot water. Having something like this will not let the long standing in the snow affect your health.

Shoveling the snow is not a difficult task. Proper precautions and preparations will make it very simple.

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