How to Simplify Fractions

Mathematics is necessary in our day to day life. Math lovers enjoy solving mathematical problems, while others find mathematics a boring subject and face difficulties in solving problems. One of the concepts that students find difficult is simplifying fractions. However, it is one of the most significant arithmetic processes. Learning how to simplify fractions can be easy and fun, if you know some tricks.

What is a fraction?

A fraction is defined as the ratio, which compares two numbers such as numerator and denominator. Mathematically, fraction means a part of whole number. Numerator is the part taken from the whole number, while denominator is the integer that represents the whole. We can explain fraction with an example of pizza. Suppose you cut it into 10 equal pieces and if you take 3 pieces out of it, then mathematically you need to find the fraction of the whole pizza. Here, 3/10 is the fraction of the pizza.

For those who love mathematics, simplifying fractions can be very easy, however for others it can be one of the dreaded tasks. In many algebraic problems you will be asked to simplify a fraction. For this, you will need to keep in mind some simple tricks. Here we provide you few tips on how to simplify fractions.

How to simplify fraction

Let us take another example of 8 piece pastry, of which you take 4 parts. Now, you can say that you have 4/8 part of pastry. Some others may mention it as ½ of the pastry, which is more correct.1/2 is the simplified form of fraction 4/8.

With this example, you can clearly understand what simplification of fraction is. It means reducing the fraction to a simpler form.

  • Firstly, determine a common factor in order to simplify fractions, further divide the fraction by the common factor. Here, common factor means a number which can divide into both numbers evenly. In above example, 2 was a common factor of 4 and 8.
  • Once you understand what is a common factor and how to find a common factor, then only you can find the simplest form of a fraction
  • Next, divide the numerator and denominator by a common factor
  • Keep repeating until no common factor exists between numerator and denominator, as you cannot simplify the fraction further

Simple method for simplifying fraction:

  • List all the factors of numerator and denominator
  • Find the greatest common factor of numerator and denominator
  • Divide both numerator and denominator by greatest common factor

For all those, who find simplifying fraction a difficult task; follow the above mentioned tricks on how to simplify fractions. Along with the tips mentioned above you also need an alert mind, a pen and a piece of paper to simplify the fractions.

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