How to Simplify Life

Life comes simple, it’s we who interpret it in complex ways. All the difficulties or problems that we tend to notice in our lives, are reflections of our inner noises, which call for attending to. But we attend to them through incorrect ways, we long for a change externally, whereas the problem lies rooted deep within us. Reality as we tend to perceive is not reality in any manner, maybe we can say that what we interpret is a fragment of reality. Simplifying life requires acceptance and ignorance towards mediocre disturbances.

Simplifying problems in life

Life has its ups and downs. It needs to be simplified to be comfortable. We define a situation as a problem merely based on a question of doubt. It’s merely a phase or an experience characterized by uncertainty, or difficulty in finding resolutions, no big deal. It happens with every individual, everyone – not a soul is left untouched by problems, for they are the basis through which we progress to acquire greater knowledge. All that we conclude as our experiences are only phases, and every obstacle will eventually fade away.

We see ourselves as adults, but we fail to take responsibility of our thoughts. Okay, now why do I think that we must think responsibly? Because, thoughts take form of actions, and those who call themselves as adults shouldn’t let their concerns take over their ability to overcome any obstacles. It’s as simple as that.¬†And this can only be done through cogitation; hence, it comes to an individual to think and act responsibly. Wisdom comes with simplicity, we need to evolve as one entity, and this requires us to stay as open as the wind, and accept whatever is bestowed upon us. This guarantees action towards resolution of a problem, rather than sulking because we are needed to face the problem. We must understand one thing – there is nobody “out there” who is making it all happen, it’s us as individuals shaping our destiny.

Choose to shed pride

We often tend to say these words – “I’m proud of you, son,” “I’m proud to be what I am,” “I’m proud that I belong to the greatest country in the world” etc. Have we ever wondered what is the use of owning this feeling – pride? It’s surprising that no one has ever felt that this is something extra that tends to keep us preoccupied subconsciously. Pride adds weight to our experiences and memories, which in turn form impressions that get rooted deep into us, and extends further as we choose to pay heed to them.

When you’re unsure of what a particular word means, you need to check the dictionary for clarification, according to which pride is merely an inordinate opinion of one’s own importance, where it’s only assumed that a significant amount of credit is reflected upon oneself. It’s merely based on assumption, and somehow we like to keep these assumptions for ourselves. Trying to own something when we all know that everything deteriorates with time. Aren’t we contradicting the simple law of life? Why do we need to hold onto something? Why do we need something near and dear in order to keep us happy and loved, and that when the bond of love is omnipresent?

Pride is way different from self-respect; so, let’s be careful hereon and study the thin lines carefully before we come to a judgment. Let’s choose to shed such mediocre emotions and feelings. It’ll lighten us up – living a simple life.

Assuming the purpose of our existence

You need to find out what is truly important to you, what will make you happy and what is the goal of your life? Once you find out your goals, you can give importance accordingly and get things done easily. But what does “goal of life” mean? What is our real goal of life? What is the purpose of our existence? Ever wondered? Yeah, many times I suppose. But are you sure that you got it right? I’m not. I mean I’m not sure whether I got it right or not.

Okay, instead of trying to define the purpose of existence into few worthless sentences, I choose to project my opinion. Of late, I have been analyzing my deeper needs, and came across a few perspectives which seemed somewhat appealing to my conscience. Okay, the purpose – I believe our purpose is to discover unity and impart the simplicity that is found in nature in abundance, into all of our lives. Our purpose is to be in tune with nature, so that the divine can work through us without refraction. We are merely objects of expression, but we tend to own our experiences, and choose to believe that we are above everything that we see around us. We hold ourselves above everything else in the existence. Why? What evidence has our race stumbled upon to come up with such suggestions to our subconscious? We come to existence empty handed, we strive to fulfill our desires, we never get enough, we are left unsatisfied and sulking, until it’s time for us to return from whence we came, empty handed again. Why do we intend to gather more than what is required for our experience? It’s the brain’s nature to desire, but we have the power of freewill; we can choose to betray our desires or dreams and prefer to stay light. The choice is before us, let’s prefer that what’s best for us, that what would make us lighter.

Following are certain tips that will help you to simplify your daily life:

  • You need to analyze your daily routine, find out whether your daily tasks have helped accomplish your day’s objectives or if it is proving against your health. Do not undertake too many tasks on the same day, as you may not be able to live life to the fullest, and often you will find it hard to enjoy the tasks you do. Let’s slow down and enjoy every moment that we live to make it meaningful. Remember, every moment is an episode and we are the writers of our own story, so let’s be careful and attempt to be precise in our understanding of experiences.
  • You need to spare some time for yourself from the daily routine. You can spend some time on reading books, taking a stroll after dinner or spend some time taking a nap. Taking out time for oneself is essential for every individual, as it helps one in recognizing the need for changing from within, so as to adapt to the external environment.
  • Try to get rid of the unnecessary things in your life. Within your mind you will encounter lack of confidence in your thoughts. Allow those fears to go away. The more you set free, the more you choose to let things go, the lighter you feel. Stress, agony, hurt, disappointment etc are all illusions, and they’re here for the purpose of making us realize that there’s something higher, a force that holds us all together, that keeps us from falling apart. And we as interdependent beings, should acknowledge the call of the conscience and seek unanimity in all the contradictions we come across.
  • While watching television, watch only what you like. Unnecessarily, do not waste your precious time on unnecessary things, instead utilize the time on what you like to do. It’s very disappointing to notice that mediocrity rules media as of today. How often do we come across pointless movies and meaningless songs? How often do we encounter acts of mediocrity being displayed as news, and how often do we become subjected to lame, yet seemingly powerful marketing strategies? To be honest, it’s been almost 9 months since I watched TV or read newspapers, solely because I get to see or hear things that has nothing to do with my life, very often.
  • Learn to be grateful for whatever things you have, and also be grateful for the things that did not go wrong. Even though something goes wrong, you can be grateful for the lesson it has taught you. “Failures” we call when an attempt did not turn out the way we wanted it to. But failures only exist in theory, it’s not practical, for we learn from our failures. So apparently, we are gaining knowledge from our failed attempts, which is enough to conclude that they aren’t failures in the first place. They are our gifts, which help us understand our mistakes and transcend gradually.

As you slow down and simplify your life, you will be able to listen to your heart. You will be thankful for every moment and every interaction with others more deeply. Try it and you will find that it is easy to love life when we change ourselves to be in sync with the simplicity of nature.

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