How to Smuggle Cocaine

Smuggling refers to illegal import or export of anything without paying the taxes. Different banned drugs are illegally smuggled all over the world. The important drugs are cocaine, heroin, marijuana and LSD. How you smuggle cocaine from one country to another country without being caught? This task is very difficult to carry out. It is an art mastered by few though attempted by many. Consumption of cocaine is banned in most of the countries. All the countries have different sentences for smuggling of drugs. Some countries even give death sentence for smuggling of illegal cocaine. Smuggling is on rise now. As the profit is enormous, people even risk their lives to smuggle cocaine.  However when you are caught, you land in big trouble.

What is cocaine:

Cocaine is a crystal shaped alkaloid that is obtained from the leaves of coca plant. It controls your central nervous system. It is also an appetite suppressant and a local anesthetic. Cocaine is addictive in nature. The possession, cultivation and distribution of cocaine are illegal in most parts of the world. However, its popularity and consumption all over the world remains widespread in many social, cultural, and personal settings.

Effects of cocaine:

Cocaine can be highly dangerous for the body. Its consumption can lead to permanent breakdown, addiction or even death. Even if you consume cocaine one time only, it will result into short period effects. Short-term cocaine effects include high blood pressure, mental alertness, decreased appetite and dilated pupils. However, regular consumption of cocaine can result into heart diseases, nervous breakdown, addiction, restlessness and eventually death.

Consumption of cocaine:

According to the United States narcotics department in 2006, the United States is the largest consumer of cocaine with 2.8% of the total cocaine produced. United States was followed by Spain and the United Kingdom. In 2004, world spent almost 40 billion dollars on the consumption of cocaine.

Forms of cocaine:

There are two types of cocaine: hydrochloride salt and freebase. The salt dissolves in the water. People consume it in injection or by nose. People can smoke freebase form. Crack is the popular name of the cocaine that can be smoked.

How to smuggle cocaine:


You can smuggle cocaine inside an airplane. I can give you two methods to smuggle cocaine through plane. First method is that you put the drugs beneath the aircraft’s toilet. The moment the plane lands in USA, a co-conspirator who is an official of airport security can easily retrieve the drugs from the toilet. The other method by which you can smuggle cocaine is by placing it in the cargo section of the plane. Once the flight reaches the United States, you can clear your baggage with the help of officials of the airlines.


People used to put the cocaine in the envelope and send it through mail. By putting a small quantity of cocaine in an envelope and sending it to the desired address, it is an effective way to smuggle cocaine. This way of smuggling cocaine is very prevalent in prisons.


Smugglers also smuggle cocaine by stuffing cocaine inside the body of dead animals. It is very difficult for the narcotics department to trace the cocaine when the cocaine is transported inside the body of animals. In one of the bizarre incident, police officials in Amsterdam intercepted a bag of 100 dead insects, which is used to carry cocaine inside them. Their body has been cut and stuffed with the drugs.


Toys have been widely used by drug dealers to smuggle cocaine in many parts of the world. Teddy bears, Barbie dolls and toy chest have been widely used to smuggle cocaine.


The smugglers to smuggle cocaine also use sports equipments. Recently, a woman was caught in the United States as she was taking cocaine in golf balls with her. The other sport equipments that can be used to transport cocaine are tennis balls, hockey stick or a baseball bat.

Other things in which cocaine can be smuggled are shampoo bottles, jewellery, bangles, and coolers or even inside the smuggler’s body.

It is not advisable to smuggle cocaine as it can put you into very big trouble. However, if you are a cocaine addict and cannot help yourself, you should go through this paper one time if want to know how to smuggle cocaine. You can take a look at the above ways by which you can smuggle cocaine.

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