How to Smuggle Guns

The United States has the largest number of people having guns. The US constitution permits to buy and bear arms with them. Constitution only gives the permission to carry a gun for safety purposes. It does not allow you to sell it to someone outside the country. If you wish to know how to smuggle guns, this is a good place to know. This paper will tell you how you can smuggle guns without being caught.

However, constitution does not permit to carry the guns anywhere in the country. Some states have different rules when it comes to arms and you cannot carry guns at certain places. Guns have become an integral part of the US society. Almost everyone carries a gun with him in the United States.

Crime and gun:

Gun violence is always a topic of political debate in USA. Many renowned presidents like Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy and William McKinley had been shot dead by assassins with the help of guns. Many other prominent personalities of USA were shot dead with the help of a gun. However, the government cannot stop anyone from possession of a gun. Some states are now introducing policies to restrict the purchases made by young people, buy-back gun program, setting waiting periods for arms purchases.

Smugglers and guns:

Smuggling refers to illegal import or export of guns without paying custom duties. Smuggling is illegal all over the world. How you smuggle guns from one country to another country without being caught? Different countries have different sentences for smuggling. Some countries even give death sentence for smuggling of illegal guns. Smuggling across the borders is on rise now. As the profit is enormous, people even risk their lives to smuggle guns. The profits are high but if you are caught, you can land in big trouble.

How to smuggle guns:

Criminals nowadays, take help of web portals like eBay to smuggle guns into different countries. Although, eBay do not permit the sale of firearms but people has devised an alternative for that. They do not purchase the whole gun; instead, they buy the gun in parts. After getting the delivery of all the parts, they assemble the parts to form a fully functional gun.
There are countries like Mexico, where the purchase of arms is very expensive and weapon permits are rare. These countries usually smuggle guns from USA. In USA, it is relatively easy to buy guns. So smugglers find it profitable to transport guns across the borders through trucks. The police officials at the border get their percentage of bribe to let the guns pass through the borders.

Guns can be smuggled with the official consignment. Since the official consignment of any country carries a stamp of a country with the consignment, the country officials rarely checks it. Guns can be easily transported inside the consignment. Recently Argentina government has accused US of sending camouflage material with office package. The material is believed to be illegal guns.

The most desired route of smugglers is the sea. In the night, it is very difficult to trace the smugglers. Coast guards are therefore, helpless. The guns are transported inside the big containers. You can say that the big containers contain chemicals to the coast guards even if you get caught.

Big gunny bags, which are used to carry sugar and vegetables, can be used to smuggle guns across the road. In a truck carrying many gunny bags full of sugar, you can put guns in one or two bags. It is very difficult to spot the guns in that truck.

One of the innovative ways to smuggle guns is to cut the soul of the shoe, make an empty space that can accommodate a small gun. You can put the gun in that empty space. No one can even think that the shoes can carry a gun in it.

It is not advisable to smuggle guns as it can put you into very big trouble. You should go through this paper one time if want to know how to smuggle guns. You should always remember that a gun could produce only bullets not happiness. And that bullet can have your name on it.

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