How to Smuggle Hashish

Hashish, also hash is prepared from cannabis. It composes of the compressed stalked resin glands called trichomes collected from the cannabis plant. Hashish is a paste like substance with varying degree of hardness. If you want to know how to smuggle hash, this article can definitely be a help for you.

Hash is usually light to dark brown in color, but can vary toward green, yellow, black, or red. You need to heat hashish in a screened miniature smoking pipe (one-hitter, kiseru, sebsi, narrow chillum etc.), hookah, vaporizer mixed with cannabis buds, tobacco or other aromatic herbs or cook with food.

Consumption of hashish can have many short-term and long-term effects. You can see what kind of effects hash has on human body:

Short-term effects of hash

  • Relaxation
  • Altered perception
  • Paranoia
  • Impaired concentration & memory
  • Dry mouth & throat
  • Fear & anxiety

Long-term effects of hash

  • Reduced levels of male & female hormone
  • Temporary loss of fertility in men and women
  • Addiction
  • Lung damage and cancer
  • Decrease of immunity against infection

The consumption of hashish is illegal in almost every city of the world. Even death sentence is given in some countries for carrying even a small amount of hashish. Very few countries of the world allow the cultivation or consumption of hashish. However, some countries like Mexico allows the possession of small quantity of hash i.e. 5 grams. In countries where its consumption is banned, you can easily find hash. All you have to do is to find a drug supplier. It is a very lucrative business in countries where its consumption is banned. People even risk their lives to smuggle hash across the borders or within the country itself.

Smugglers usually transport hash to a drug dealer as a part of a fixed drug deal. Though government tries its best to stop drug trafficking, smugglers do not quit smuggling. Smugglers have now devised many interesting ways to move hash to its desired destination. Some of the ways by which you can smuggle hash are:


You can smuggle hash inside an airplane. You can smuggle hash inside a plane by many ways. First method is that you put the drugs under the aircraft’s toilet. The moment the plane lands in USA, a co-conspirator who is an official of airport security can easily retrieve the drugs from the toilet. You can also smuggle hash by placing it in the cargo section of the plane. Once the flight reaches the United States, you can clear your baggage with the help of officials of the airlines.

When the quantity of hash that you want to smuggle is very less, then there is a interesting way to smuggle hash inside a plane. You can tightly wrap, spray and tape hash to the inside of your boxers. The trick is to squeeze the hash as much as possible, wrap it, and spray with deodorant or perfume so that no one can even think about the possession of hash with you.

Custom officials generally look out for the people who act little nervous than normal. You should not fall into their eyes filled with suspicion. You need to look fully confident even if you are carrying some hash with you.

Some airports also have sniffer dogs at their service. These dogs are very loyal and they can detect even a small amount of weed from very large distances. You should confirm whether your airport destination has the facility of sniffer dogs.


You can put hash in the envelope and send it through mail. You need to act smart when you want to send the hash through mail. Your receiver’s name and sender’s name should not be such that which can grab the attention of the officials. Also don’t use such a font style that can catch anyone’s attention. This way of smuggling hash is very prevalent in prisons.

You should not use private carriers like FedEx to send hash. They reserve the right to open all the packages. Always send your envelope by US Postal service. US Postal service rarely opens anyone’s package and that to on some suspicion.


You can also smuggle hash by stuffing it inside the body of dead animals. It is very difficult for the narcotics department to track the hash when it is transported inside dead animals. You can cut open the stomach of the animal and put the required amount of drugs inside the body and then you can stitch the body. The animals that can be employed for this purpose are dogs and cats as you can get them very easily.


Toys have been widely used by drug dealers to smuggle many kinds of drugs including hash in many parts of the world. Teddy bears, Barbie dolls and toy chest have been widely used to smuggle hash. When you put drugs only in some toys of a large consignment of toys, it is not possible to check each toy for the drugs. You can easily pass through freely from the eyes of the officials.


You can always associate sports people and hash together. We saw many sports icons with a possession of hash with impermissible quantities in the past. They find a sense of pride and happiness in the consumption of hash. They get so addicted to it that they can pay anything to get the hash from the drug dealers.

The smugglers also use sports equipments nowadays to smuggle hash. You can put hash inside your golf ball. No one will suspect you. The other sport equipments that can be used to transport hash are soccer ball, baseball bat or a golf stick.

It is not advisable to smuggle hash as it can put you into very big trouble. However, if you are a cocaine addict and cannot and do not want to help yourself, you should go through this paper one time if want to know how to smuggle hash.

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