How to Smuggle in HPQ

Maplestory is a free of charge massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by a South Korean company, Wizet. Several versions of the game are there for specific countries or regions and each version is developed by various companies such as Wizet and Nexon. HPQ refers to the Henesys Quest Park. It is a stage in maplestory. If you want to know how to smuggle in hpq, you can go through this article.

You can play the game free of cost in the normal mode but the character appearances and game play enhancements has to be bought from the “Cash Shop” by spending real money. The total number of subscriber/user accounts is well over 100 million in all of its versions. MapleStory North America (Global) is for players living in North America and outside East Asia, Southeast Asia and Europe, has over 10 million players. There are more than a million people who buy items in the cash shop.

Steps to start the Party Quest:

  • You have to reach to Level 10 and above to start the party quest.
  • You need to move to Henesys Park and make a party of at least 3 members. The characters between levels 10 to 15 benefit the most from this party quest.
  • Your party leader needs to connect to the NPC Tory to start the quest.

The Quest

1. You need to tell the NPC Growlie to demand for 10 Moon Bunny’s Rice Cakes. These are obtained calling a Moon Bunny.

2. Attack the brown plants and try to drop 6 different colors of seeds at the end of the map. You have a time limit of 10 minutes.

3. Drop each seed into the centre of the platform surrounding the moon.

4. Moon bunny disappears as soon as you drop all the seeds.

5.  Now the flying enemies like Fly eyes, Stirges, and Blins will try to attack the Moon Bunny. The Moon Bunny takes its time to prepare 10 Moon Bunny’s Rice Cakes.

6. You need to protect the Moon Bunny when it is dropping the Moon Bunny’s Rice Cakes. The Partyleader collects the rice cakes. Sometimes other players also try to collect the cakes but it has to be avoided because the partyleader is the one who can collect them.

7. You complete the stage as soon as you collect all the rice cakes. The PQ is unsuccessful when you exceed the time limit of 10 minutes, or the Moon Bunny dies.

8. Each party member receives 1600 experience points, and enters the exit stage, Hidden Street: shortcut, from where you can get to the bonus stage, Hidden Street: Pig Town or you can also exit the party quest.

9. Once you decide your next action, talk to Tory to leave the quest, or talk to Tommy to move to Pig Town.

The Bonus

At Hidden Street: Pig Town, you will get a time limit of 5 minutes to kill the pigs. There are many Pigs and Ribbon Pigs, as well as an Iron Hog that gives more experience points. These pigs drop various equipments and items.

For all the experienced players of maplestory, who know about the Henesys Part quest, I want to solve my one query. People say that there is a glitch in the Party Quest. You can smuggle the cakes out of the game, and then hand it over to the bear guy in the beginning of the next stage of the Party Quest. Some people call it as smuggling of cakes. When you want to know how to smuggle in maplestory, you can follow the full explanation:

The Glitch:
The rice cakes moves three times faster as one of the person stands over the top of the cloud.

The Lure:
One person, who is usually the swordsman, since he can attack 6 monsters simultaneously, strikes the monsters with a low attack weapon (such as a pumpkin basket). Therefore, only 1hp is hit on each monster. The monsters follow the “lurer” and remain away from the rabbit. If no monster gets killed, no more monsters will appear. When there is no distraction of the monsters, the cakes fall even faster.

The Amount:
With a decent part Quest, players can easily earn up to 80-100 cakes.

The Smuggle:
The players who know how to smuggle in maplestory take 100 rice cakes, drop them, and take out their computer cable to smuggle the cakes out. Usually the cakes disappear when you try to take them out the normal way.

The Leader:
The leader can also smuggle, but they cannot keep the rice cake with them. The cakes disappear if they try to do so. When the leader smuggles, they have to give the cakes to another party member before re-entering the Party Quest.

The Party:
The ultimate party consists of three people – The leader, a lurer and a smuggler. When the party is large, then usually smaller number of cakes is made.


  • Smugglers find it easier to hit the enter key instead of clicking the “Next” button.
  • Click PQs: Kerning, Ludibrium, Orbis.
  • “Box” NPC PQs: Henesys, Perion (Guild), Zakum.
  • You can also turn your modem off and on to smuggle the cakes instead of unplugging the internet cord from your computer.
  • You have very less time of few seconds so you need to be real quick.
  • You can smuggle faster by opening “Key Configuration” and set “NPC chat” at an easy to access key.


  • Very few people can smuggle an inventory slot’s worth of items at one time.
  • If you get caught, smuggling can result into a ban.
  • Smuggling can lead you to ban if you are not quick enough.

It is not advisable to indulge into smuggling of any kind. In online gaming, people use cheats to enter into the next stage. When you are not in a situation to clear the stage and cannot find any other way out, you can go through this paper that can help you to know how to smuggle in HPQ.

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