How to Soon to Take a Pregnancy Test

If you are hoping that you might be pregnant, or worried that you might get pregnant, then you must be wondering, how soon to take a pregnancy test? Most of the women will want to know if they are pregnant they moment they have conceived. Unfortunately, the technology is not that advanced yet. However, there are a few pregnancy tests, which will let you test pregnancy week by week before you have missed your periods.

Here are some simple steps on pregnancy tests.

How soon to take the pregnancy test

  • All the pregnancy tests available in the market will need the presence of hCG, which is a short for ‘Human Chorionic Gonadotropin’. This is a hormone, which is produced by the placenta at the time of pregnancy. However, this is not produced until the implantation.
  • The implantation will not take place until 6-12 days after your ovulation. Therefore, if you take the pregnancy test you may get a positive test result after seven days of your ovulation. However, some women may get a negative result at this time.
  • It can be difficult to wait, but you must wait to take the pregnancy test until the 10-12 days after your ovulation. Remember even after waiting for so long you can get a negative result. If you happen to miss your period, you must take a retest. More than 90 percent of the women will get a result on the first day after they have missed their period, but 10 percent will get a negative result even if they are pregnant. If you are trying to become pregnant and you have got a negative test result, you must avoid alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, just in case if you are really pregnant.

Testing at Home

  • All the home pregnancy tests are urine tests, which will measure the amount of hCG present in your urine. You will easily find early home pregnancy tests in the local grocery stores and pharmaceuticals.
  • There are two types of home tests, dip and midstream. In the dip test, you will have to fill a clean container, which is provided to you with urine. After this, you will have to hold the test strip inside the urine for sometime. In the midstream test, you will have to hold the test in the stream of your urine.
  • Both these tests are reliable, but you will have to read the instructions mentioned on the packet, to ensure that you are doing it right. You might get a negative result if you do not take the test properly. Most of these home pregnancy tests are correct if taken at the right time. If you have taken a test earlier and it was negative, then you must try it again. If you still don’t get a positive result, then you can try it in the next month, because the hCG level will keep rising in the first month of pregnancy.

Testing at the Doctor

  • If you are eager and anxious to get pregnant and can’t wait for the results of the home pregnancy test, then you can visit a doctor. A doctor will perform a blood test, which will easily pick-up hCG, which is present in small amounts and cannot be detected in the urine test.
  • Always remember that even blood tests won’t be able to give a positive result for pregnancy until 6-8 days after your ovulation.

If you are familiar with your menstrual cycle and the days you are ovulating, then you will get positive results.

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