How to Splatter Paint

A big house with no color sounds ‘boring’. You can paint the walls, choose to the color of your choice, and yet not hire anyone for doing this work. People these days paint the wall on their own, making it attractive and full of life.  Splattering the walls with paint has become a fashion for the abstract fans. They decorate the walls with very distinct designs. Splattering paint is done in a free way; there is no particular method for creating it. If you want to learn this art, then you must know how to splatter paint.

The best thing about this art is you will be decorating your walls and this will make you more creative and imaginative. Here are some simple steps on how to splatter paint.

Things Required:

  • Tins of paint
  • Old sheets of paper
  • Paint brushes (different sizes)
  • Funnel
  • Balloons
  • Ragged clothes
  • Spray containers or water gun


  • First, you will start with protecting your floor from the paints. Therefore, make sure that you lay some old sheets of paper on the floor and the ceiling as well, if you are not going to paint it. Make sure that you cover your body as well, wear old clothes and gloves, so that later you don’t face any difficulty in removing the paint.
  • The most common kind of splatter painting is with brushes, so use different shapes and sizes of brushes for painting. Each brush will result in a different way, so keep painting the wall the way you like. Always remember that experimentation is the only key to get a good splatter effect.
  • You can use the balloons as well, by filling them with paint with a funnel. Tie all the balloons and start hurling them randomly on the wall. Another way will be pinning the balloons on the wall and then hurling darts on the balloons for a splatter effect.
  • Another method used for the splatter effect is spurt bottle and water gun. Before you fill it with paint, put some water and check if it sprays over a long distance. If it does, then this is a good choice. Fill the spurt bottle or gun with paint, test it on some old sheets, and then you can start splattering it on the wall the way you like.
  • You can experiment with ragged or old clothes by soaking them in paint and then flipping them on the wall, just like the way you used paintbrush.
  • Another way to experiment is by using patterns. This is one of the simplest methods because you can use everyday objects for making outlines or splattering on the wall. For instance, you can easily make a flower with a flat shaped flower taken from your garden. This flower will leave an outline of the flower on your wall.

Just remember that the possibilities are never ending. With your imagination and creativity, expect great work!

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