How to Start a Catalog Business

A catalog is a collection of the products that you group into different categories. You use this information to create web pages that help your customers browse your products. The categories in the catalogs can have sub-categories also. Catalog business is obviously a good idea. You just need to have a clear understanding about the catalogs. If you are looking for how to start a catalog business, this article is surely a great help for you.

You can define a product with variations like the same shirt can be of different colors. This is known as a product variant. You can also make catalogs to display on your Website in different languages and different currencies. It is also possible to link two products together such that when one is viewed, the other product appears on the same website page as an alternate suggestion.

Catalogs occur in hierarchies and relationships. You can organize the products in the catalog that can help the customers to easily navigate through the products that they want to buy. You can make category hierarchies and relationships among categories and products that belong to the same catalog or in different catalogs. In the case of a large catalog, you can create a parent category that contains many other categories. These subcategories are known as child categories. When customers navigate to the parent category, then the child categories appears. This helps customers to navigate easily and quickly to the category of the products they want.

You can go for different types of catalogs to meet your specific business needs. In addition to traditional catalogs that you need to sell goods in a business to consumer or business to business scenario, you can also make self-service and e Government catalogs. In this type of catalog, customers pay for the information that you give to them. Tourism sites also use self-service catalogs that provide a customer related information portal. You can also create inventory catalogs that include inventory information for the product catalogs. You can also share inventory catalogs between the product catalogs.

Now you know enough about catalogs and different types of catalogs. You can start a catalog business of your own. To start a catalogue business is a very popular way for new entrepreneurs to start a business of their own. With the increasing penetration of internet, the method of doing business like this has become more popular than ever. A large number of people are nowadays ordering items that you can receive by mail. This has created the opportunity for many people to start a business that has both a traditional catalogue as well as an online catalogue.

How to start a catalog business:

Things you’ll need:

Product suppliers

Print house


Customer list

Startup capital


The first thing you require to do is that when you start a mail order catalogue business, you have to register a business. This will give you an official company name. To register a business and setting up a business bank account is a relatively easy process that is just a matter of filling out few forms and paying the fees to complete the paperwork. If you do not know how to begin, you can contact your local court house or Chamber of Commerce. They will gladly direct you in the right direction.

Now, you can sign up for a merchant account. You can do the sign up through your local bank or any internet based credit card billing company. You can go shopping around various companies to look out for the companies giving you the best rates. Most people also place the order by credit card. Very few people use checks or money orders, so it is very important that you are properly set up to accept and process credit cards.

Locate your suppliers. The people who enter into this business for the very first time will generally start their business by using drop shipping companies. A drop shipper will give you a list of those items that you can buy at wholesale prices and sell for retail. The drop shipper takes care of the warehouse, packages orders, and ships them as it seems like if they came from your company directly. Of course, the profits are low when someone else is doing most of the work. But, it saves a great deal of money from your start up costs since you do not need to buy a large inventory and have a place to store it. Risk is also less as you do not have to buy the item and hope that someone will order it.

Once you get enough suppliers in place, just go through the items available and select those items that you would like to include in your catalog. Your catalogue is just like a small library of products, if you include them all. It is a good thinking to focus more on the products that you think will sell.

When you get to know about the items you are going to sell, the next step is to set up a website which is going to be the home of your online catalogue. This is very much easier than it sounds. There are many catalogue management utilities available online that pretty much installs itself. They are also very easy to operate.

When you are ready to mail out actual print catalogues, find a print house in your area. You can get a number of options to print your catalogues. It can range from paper quality to color choices. You will also need someone who has the knowledge of publishing software like Quark Xpress, to design the catalogue layout.

Now mail the catalogues to a group of potential clients. It is a good idea to post an ad in the local newspaper. This can help you build a filtered list of people who may be interested in your products.

The catalog business is a very good way to become an entrepreneur. The risks of the business getting failed are comparatively low than others. This business can help you to achieve your dream. Now, you have enough about the catalogs and catalog business. How to start a catalog business is not a difficult question for you now. You just need a little courage to enter into the business of making catalogs.

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