How to Stop a Catalog

Many times it happens that you don’t buy cookies but still some famous stores send you a catalog. You don’t smoke, but the smoke shop catalog is mailed to your mailbox. You never get the idea why you get the sport’s catalog when you do not have any interest in sports. How to stop a catalog when you do not want them! There can be many reasons for such a thought. You may want to do this to save the environment or you just do not want to look at your weekly catalog junk mail. You can easily stop junk catalogs that reach your mailbox somehow.

There are many techniques to stop catalog junk mail. You do not require any money to remove it from a mailing list for a mail catalog. However, a little time can take to stop the mailings. This is because the catalog mailing labels may be pre-printed in advance. With a little time, you can stop that catalog junk mail from reaching to your mailbox.

Things you’ll need:

Internet access



How to stop catalog:

You need to check the mailing label of a junk catalog in the mail. Some catalogs include a company toll-free number with the mailing label area. You can call the company to get removed from its mailing list. When you see these numbers, just call it and request them to take off the catalog mailing list.

You can also visit some dedicated websites to know about this free service that can surely help you reduce large number of catalogs that arrive in the mail. Now, click “How it Works” tab. It is somewhere at the top of the page where you get to know everything about the service. Click the “Create Your Account” button to start the process of shutting down your unwanted catalogs.

Fill all the fields in the form that come on the next screen. After this, you have to enter the mailing address where you are receiving the catalogs. You now require entering your email address and creating a password. You have the option to select whether you want to receive emails from the service or notifications acknowledging your requests to stop receiving catalogs. You have to click “Sign Up” when you finish filling up the form.

Now you have to activate your account by clicking on the link of the email from catalog choice.

Click on the “Find Catalogs” button that is in the center of the next page to browse through the players who participate in this service. Click the “Browse” tab for going through alphabetical list of merchants. When you see the name of the catalog merchant that you want to stop receiving, hit the button to set your mail preference.

Opt for the “No Catalogs” tab on the next page to validate your correct mailing address. Enter the customer number or key code from an existing catalog. Even if it is not available, you can leave the field empty.  Click the “Submit” tab. Click the “Find More Catalogs” tab to include any other additional mailing preferences.

Click on “Suggest a Catalog” tab if you are not able to find a catalog that you want to stop receiving. Write the title of the catalog and click “Send Suggestion.”

Click the “My Choices” tab when you are done adding all your mailing preferences. Check all the entered catalogs to make sure that all the catalogs that you want to stop receiving are there.

Click the “Dashboard” tab to look out for the list of merchants that send email news instead of catalogs. Choose the merchants from whom you would like to receive email news by clicking on the merchant name. You can subscribe to email mailings from the merchant by clicking the “Subscribe” button.

Tips & Warnings:

It can take a long time which can be up to 12 weeks to get the results of contacting catalog companies to get off their mailing lists.

The unwanted catalog can destroy your mood. You need to stop these catalogues before you end up with a heap of catalogs in your mail box. You should think that these catalogs might be helpful to someone else. So you should avoid wasting these catalogs. Now, know enough about the catalogs nuisance. How to stop a catalog is not a difficult thing for you now. You just have to reach a simple site and request for stop by following some simple steps.

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