How to Stop Discrimination

In a civilized society, there is no scope of any form of grievance against human being. There are many forms of discrimination it can be social, racial or political discrimination. It is one of the worst practices that is followed by many human beings and that is used again in a civilized human society. How to stop discrimination? Before stopping human discrimination, it is important to understand the cause of such discrimination. Primarily, since olden age, discrimination occurs due to race, color, religion, nationality or sexual preferences. Most of the developed countries have passed the lawsuit that termed that any sort of discrimination is illegal. A practice of non-discrimination should be followed at the workplace. It is mandatory that employers should be open to hire any employee irrespective to their race, color and gender. Employers must go through the legal compliance before hiring.

There are many ways to stop discrimination. First, awareness is very important. Hence it is required that at an entry level, citizens and government should initialize and make it mandatory for schools and educational institutes to teach how to stop discrimination. Employers should take charge of running an awareness program among their employees so that no form of discrimination comes into practice.

It is required to display the presentations of famous reformers stating the bad impact of such practice in any possible stream. They also need to understand the consequences they might face in case found of practicing any form of discriminative act. The discrimination often turns into violent agitation that ignites a revolution among the people or against the government. It’s a responsibility of the government to keep an eye on any form of discrimination that might be turned violent and causes a disturbance in human harmony. It is important that every individual should collaborate and made a joint effort and battle against the discrimination along with a variety of social organizations and government. It is important to expand your horizon and try to find novel ways of awareness in these times. Many websites and organizations have joined hands to help fight discrimination.

It is important to join any organization that fits your conscience and commonly work on the common goal of spreading harmony among humans. Join the organizations that fit your ideology. If you are dealing with racial discrimination, it is important you should make an alliance with any of the legal firm, which fights for racial discrimination. It makes you fight efficiently for a cause. Legal knowledge helps in a great way while spreading awareness. Social organizations play a pivotal role in spreading among the people and help them to understand the negative effects of discrimination. Many events and presentations are also hosted in the leading organizations, schools and colleges that convey the message that everyone has the right to live an equal life.

In some states, the congress has drafted the law of equality under which gay activists, handicap citizens and the domicile of other country are having equal rights to live in the country. It is also important to understand the causes of discrimination and strategy to cope with it. It is also important that people should understand the consequences if found guilty of any kind of discrimination. It’s a good practice to distribute employment ethics and company policy stating the terms if found guilty of discrimination. Give employees and students a work code of conduct, as it helps in a great way to cut-off any unwanted incidence of discrimination. In case of found guilty employees should be terminated from their services without pay. Students may be suspended or restricted from schools or colleges. It is important to enforce the rules and take strict action against those who don’t follow the compliance strictly.

Let’s have a look at some of the key points that is needed while fighting with any form of discrimination:

Legal compliance- It is important to understand the laws regarding any sort of discrimination and what the important points required to safeguard human rights are.

Awareness programs- It is useful to collaborate with the leading educational institute. It helps in molding the children from childhood to make them better citizens and a protector of human rights.

How to stop discrimination? It is important to understand the contribution of low profiles in the society and give them their dues and make every one aware of their achievements to spread harmony among all.

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  1. Brittany Nesbitt says:

    Discrimination is one of the things that make me mad MOST OF ALL!I know how it feels.It kills thousands of people each year.I hate it when i hear someone calling someone else fat or gay.

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