How to Stop Racial Discrimination

It has been noticed that almost all the countries around the world are practicing racial discrimination against human beings. It is one of the most shameful practices that are still followed by the so called civilized and secular nations. Many times, people are unaware of the fact that they are facing a racial discrimination and due to unawareness of their rights, they are not able to fight. It is important to educate people against racial discrimination. How to stop racial discrimination? For that, it is important that government should actively participate in the awareness program to stop racial discrimination.

Racial discrimination occurs on the basis of caste, creed, color or domicile. There are many forms of discrimination such as verbal discrimination, physical discrimination, and mental discrimination. There are many ways by which people often discriminate others. It is mandatory for every individual to fight against everyday racism. It is required that the government, notable lawyers, educationalist to come together to reform the bad practice of racial discrimination.

Many intellectual people work against racism. It is very important to safeguard the human rights of the people. Many high profile officers, politicians from the diversified parties, students, religious scholars, university teachers, social activists, legal experts (lawyers, judge, advocates) and media need to work uniformly to achieve the common goal. It is required to follow some of the key points that work efficiently to reform the society:

  • Political system and institutions needs to be stabilized in the state and closely monitored by the government and the judiciary.
  • The educational curriculum must be liberal and preach importance of human rights and its value among the people.
  • It is required that the police and the legal experts should come forward and draft a strict measure for those who want to disturb the harmony in the country.
  • Religious leaders and reformers play a pivotal role in setting up the public mind and treat every human being equally. It is very important to handle caste and creed issues within an open conscience and everyone gets justice and right to live with respect. The best way to overcome the practice of racial discrimination is only solved by religious leaders, as they need to convey the message of equality and diversity among their people.
  • It is also important to provide employment opportunity to those who are oppressed and take affirmative action that insures employment opportunities.
  • NGOs and government should work together to get access to provide full-fledged information of the relevant causes of racial discrimination. It is important to collate all the information about the causes and make a full proof plan to overcome such acts in the future with the help of law enforcing bodies. It is the best practice to spread awareness programs among children and mold them so that they become a bright future of the nation and follow the methodology of equality and diversity. It is also required that the entire leading corporate model implements corporate social responsibility and give their time in making this practice mandatory. It is very important to arrange the funds for the leading government agencies and NGOs to help the people in an effective way.
  • It is also important to display the presentation in all the leading offices, organizations and schools. This practice makes them aware of the bad effect of racial discrimination on people. It has been noticed that discrimination sometimes turns into an violent act that turns into a threat to the national security. It’s a responsibility of the government agencies to keep an eye on any form of racial acts that might be turned violent and cause a disturbance in human harmony. It is important that every citizen should make a joint effort and battle against racism along with NGOs and government. It is important to expand your horizon and try to find novel ways of spreading awareness among the public and stop hatred among each others. In these times, many websites and organizations have joined hands to offer equal opportunities to the entire sector in the society.

In an ideal society, it is mandatory that there is no biasing against the people and every one gets an equal opportunity in all the sectors. How to stop racial discrimination? It is required to follow the voice of your conscience and follow the path of national harmony and integrity. It is very important to refurbish your moral value and work towards the growth of the nations.

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