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StumbleUpon is a well-known community for the internet users who find, share, and recommend photos or videos on the web. It is one of the most addictive and fun ways to discover the web. The toolbar (downloadable) of StumbleUpon acts like a remote control. One click on the toolbar and it will take you to a cool toolbar that will perfectly match your interest. StumbleUpon will allow you to rate and share quality websites that are completely based on your interest. Here are some steps on how to StumbleUpon.

Join StumbleUpon and Install the Toolbar

  • Installing the StumbleUpon toolbar is easy and free to do. However, this toolbar is only compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer. If you do not have these browsers then you can download them by visiting their homepage.
  • Once you have got the compatible browser, go to the StumbleUpon homepage. On that page you must click on the button that says, “Join StumbleUpon today.” You will have to fill in your email address and birth date. Select a username and then type the verification word in the field given.
  • Now, you can set your information and privacy preferences by selecting the boxes given. After this, click on the join and download now button. Select the install now button and the StumbleUpon toolbar installation will start immediately. Once the download is complete you will have to close the browser and reopen it again so that the toolbar appears.
  • Login into your email account and click on the verification email from StumbleUpon. Click on the given verification link and now you can start stumbling.

Before you start Stumbling

  • Before you start with StumbleUpon, you will have to tell StumbleUpon what your interests are. The first time you click on the Stumble button on the toolbar, you will be taken to a different page that will ask you to choose the kind of sites that you like to visit frequently.
  • Start marking the checkboxes that are present next to the topics that are of your interest. Once you are done click on the ‘save my settings’ button and now you are ready for stumble. If you are not redirected to the StumbleUpon topics page the first time when you click on ‘stumble’, then try the following method:
  • On the StumbleUpon hompage, login into your account and then select the home tab. Select the preferences link on the sidebar in the left corner. Under the preferences header, choose the ‘My Interests’ link. Choose all the subjects that interest you and then click on ‘save my settings’.

Thumb Buttons

  • The thumbs up and down buttons are used for indicating whether you loathe or love a site that you have just stumbled upon. The more you start rating the pages, the better StumbleUpon will get at predicting the kind of sites you like.
  • Just click on the stumble button from your toolbar. Once you land on the page you like, then click on the Thumbs Up button. This page will be automatically saved in the list of your StumbleUpon favorites. If you land on a page that you don’t like, click on the Thumbs Down button. Sometimes you may land on a page you are indifferent to; then simply click on stumble again.

Set your Profile

  • This is one of the most addictive ways for discovering the web, StumbleUpon also has a social networking aspect, which lets you make like-minded friends and also influence people. Your StumbleUpon account will have a public profile and a blog where you are allowed to post short messages for your friends and other users in your profile.

Make Friends and Influence People

  • Making friends on StumbleUpon is different as compared to the other social networking sites. Friendships don’t have to be approved or reciprocated. If you add someone as a friend then it means that you are a ‘fan’ of all the sites that you have saved. Remember that the reverse is true as well. If someone else likes the sites that you have saved as favorites and has the same area of interest as you, then they will add you as their friend. This will automatically make them a ‘fan’ of your stumbles.
  • Why make friends? The StumbleUpon toolbar will give you the option of only stumbling on the sites, which are saved by your friends. This is the best way to home some of the best sites, which are related to your interest area.
  • If you wish to search in your friend’s favorite page, then click on the friends icon present in the ‘Channels’ section of your toolbar. After this, you can return to all the searching pages that are saved by the users by choosing the ‘All’ option from the ‘Channels’ menu in your toolbar.

Stumble Thru and Stumble Video

  • StumbleUpon will not need you to download the videos and it is one of the best ways to discover cool videos and aggregate them to MySpace, Google Video, YouTube and Metacafe.
  • Stumble Thru will allow the users who have StumbleUpon toolbars to ‘stumble through’ one website. The websites that you are allowed to stumble through are YouTube, BBC News, Flickr, Wikepedia and The Onion.

Now you know almost everything about the StumbleUpon toolbar, so go ahead and start exploring!

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