How to Swerve a Soccer Ball

Learning how to swerve a soccer ball is one of the greatest feats for the masters. Bending a soccer ball is a true badass move, which is definitely a goal scoring technique. Learning how to swerve a soccer ball and understanding the working and physics that is involved in kicking the ball will take some time. Swerving a soccer ball will take some skill and a lot of patience.

Swerving the soccer ball is one of the biggest components for the best players in the world. Swerving a soccer ball can be done and showcased at any level. Here are some simple steps on how to swerve a soccer ball.

Things Required:

  • A soccer ball
  • Open space
  • Soccer cleats with studs (for traction)


  • First, take an approach towards the ball in a certain angle. This can be very difficult to explain, but you must keep your body alignment in such a way that you are not facing the goal. Remember that you must take a relaxed run up so that you can easily bend the ball and always run along the red line.
  • Now, you will have to hit the ball with the inside of your foot, from the place where your toe ends and your foot begins. The ball will immediately roll back along the inside of your foot. You will be hitting the ball from the bottom corner. Remember to look at the ball straight on as if it is a circle and just think of a ‘c’ cross across the ball. You will automatically strike the right or left, depending on your run up and then strike the foot.
  • Always remember that you must never move your plant foot. This foot must always point down on the original red line. Meanwhile, the kicking leg will swing in towards the goal once you have kicked the ball. You must try swinging or running your leg, so that you can kick with your opposite hip. Remember that you must never bend your swinging leg and do not get surprised if you cannot kick with your opposite hip.
  • Try to hit the ball from underneath it, so that you get sufficient lift for taking the ball up and it goes over the wall. Once your foot comes around and across, you will make the ball spin, which will automatically make the ball dip and bend. Keep in mind that, you can increase the height at which the ball rises by leaning your shoulders back while making contact. Make sure that you put enough spin and dip for bringing the ball goal-wards again.

Tips and Warnings:

  • Get out on the field and start practicing. Try to slice the ball with the inside of your foot. However, make sure that you perfect the technique first and then you can start working on speed and power.
  • The technique for bending the ball with the outside of your foot is similar; however, this technique always approaches the ball from the opposite side. You will be able to create a lot more power and swerve the ball from the outside of your foot. This may sometimes make it harder to be accurate.
  • There is another technique called the ‘3-fingers’ technique. In this you must hit the ball more in the up and down direction. For this, you will need more practice and if you feel that your knee is hurting then stop the practice immediately.
  • The longer the ball stays in the air the more it will bend. If you happen to chip it, it will be slower but it will bend more.
  • Always remember that you must follow through your foot, because it is important to get the right power and accuracy. Once you get better at this, then you won’t have to lift your foot that much.
  • Whenever you follow through, you should always twist your hips. Always stand at a 90-degree angle from the goal.

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