How to Swipe Breakdance

The swipe is a very powerful move in breakdance. The b-boy or b-girl leans back and whips his or her arms to one side to touch the ground. Then his or her legs come from behind. Then there is a twist of 360 degrees to land on the ground once again. These dance moves may look difficult in the beginning. But if you want to know how to swipe breakdance and if you are determined enough, you can learn these moves.


Normally the swipes start from the crab position. Also, there might be air swipes in which the b-boy jumps back directly from a standing position into a swipe. Sometimes he/she can end up in a standing position. Without taking the beginning into account, there are many swipe variations that basically differ in terms of which parts of the arms hit the ground.

  • X – swipes – Swipes keeping legs crossed
  • Baby Swipe – In this swipe, mostly the footwork moves, launched from the 6-step that has a twist of the hips similar to the swipe.
  • Elbow Swipe – In this swipe, the elbows replace the hands.
  • Forearm Swipe – As the name suggests, the forearms replace the hands.
  • Head Swipe – In this swipe, the head replaces the hands.
  • Master Swipe – Both hands go in the air at the same time and both legs lift simultaneously as well.
  • One-Footed Swipe – You need to keep one leg in the air, often pointed straight out. The leg is generally on the inside of the rotation.

I will break the steps as it can help you to practice it in a slow motion. Take it slow before trying the full speed. If you try with full speed right from the start, you will definitely end up in failure and confusion.

This tip works well for many other moves also. Always try new moves in a slow motion and then with time and practice, increase the speed. This also helps you to take advantage of your muscle memory. Your brain memorizes easily when you are going slowly.

How to Swipe Breakdance:

First of all start with the table position.

You can get into this position by sitting on the ground with your legs in front of you. You need to keep your feet on the floor with almost a shoulder distance between them. Put each hand down on its respective side, with the fingers pointing out or up.

Now raise your pelvis up into the table position. The upper body has to be parallel to the floor at this point.

Many 90-degree angles are present in this field that makes it easy to identify:

Bend the knees at 90 degree angle from ground and your chins need to form a 90 degree angle from your arms and upper body has to be at 90. Your arm and the ground have to be at 90 degrees.

To keep on holding this position can be a little difficult for a beginner. The longer you try to hold it, the easier it will become with time.
Step 1: Arm Swings

Once you achieve the right table position, try to lift your one arm up to the ceiling. Now put the arm back down and then try to lift your other arm. It is normal if you feel that one side is easier than the other is.

Once you learn to lift up each arm individually, you can go on to the next level. With the help of one arm up, you now have to switch arms. Now for a split second, you will have no hands on the ground.

You can achieve this by swinging the arm that is up, out to your side. Then, swing it downwards toward the ground as it goes for a landing.

When you start to swing the arm, you need to push off with your hand that is right now on the ground. This is the moment when you will have no hands on the ground.

You can also make this movement easier by rotating the upper body at the hips at the time of pushing with the grounded arm. You have to rotate your upper body towards the arm that will rest on the ground.

Now it’s time to practice both sides with these arm swings. This will help you to switch arms from the one handed table position.

Always remember to have your pelvis up as you switch the arms. This can make it easier to do the swipe.

Now half of the swipe is over where your legs haven’t even moved. The movement of legs will occur in the second half.
Step 2: Arm Swings Over and Legs Follow

You need to get back into the one handed table position. Your upper body has to be parallel to the floor. Your knees need to be bent at 90 degrees.

This part is a little tricky. Here most of the beginners get confused. This happens because they try to go faster than they should do it. Start slow and then gradually increase your speed.

Take the arm, which is in the air, and whip it across your body. Your arm needs to be targeted at landing shoulder wide apart.

Here is one tricky part:

As the arm swings up and over, you have to push hard with both legs to follow the rotation of your upper body.

The time when your legs are above the ground and rotating, keep them bent at the knees at about 90 degrees ideally. This can help you to land easier.

The swinging arm lands to the side your body. Your legs still have to be in the air. Put your whole weight on that arm once you land.

Lift your other arm as your feet hit the floor. From this position, you can easily switch arms from this position like discussed earlier.

Anyone who is determined to learn swipe breakdancing can do it just by following certain steps. I am sure, now you know how to swipe breakdance in a very good way.

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