How to Take Care of a Dog

How to Take Care of a Dog

How to Take Care of a Dog

One of the best and most wonderful of the creations of God on the earth is a dog, which, with its constant companionship and stories of heroic endeavor of protecting its owner, has been able to carve a special niche for itself in the hearts of the human beings. History and even the modern times all bear testimony to the fact that, this four-legged noble creature is even better than most other humans at times, when it comes to laying down its life for the sake of its owner ‒ somebody, who is fortunate enough to bask in the care, love as well as warmth of its canine companion. But then, at the same time, the owner is also responsible for looking after the everyday needs of the dog. Initially, when one has begun keeping a dog as a pet, he or she may not be aware of the measures to be adopted in taking care of the dog. Precisely for this very reason, there are many books and the Internet as well is flooded with many information about how to take care of a dog, who is not less than any other important member of the household. If this noble creature does not hold back in sacrificing its life for our well-being, then we humans, as the superior race on this earth, are all the more responsible to do our level best to ensure that our dog is in the very best of its body as well as mind.

Especially people who have decided to keep a dog in the form of a pet, have to go through all these information regarding how to take care of a dog. Adhering to all these tips will ensure that your dog has got all the care and love that it is in need of and something which will in return bring you even greater a joy.

  • Taking care of its food: The first and foremost care that has to be taken in the case of keeping a dog as a pet is about the element of food that has to be fed to the dog. As in the case of human beings, food is also a basic necessity in the case of any other living creature on the earth, and a dog is no exception to the rule. While a grown up dog has to eat mostly once or twice a day, puppies of a dog have to be fed almost two or three times in a day. Besides, the quality of the dog food also has to be taken proper care of, and has to be of a high quality. Even though, dogs generally do not have to be fed a variety of different foods, if you are thinking of surprising your dog at times, you can go for fruits as well as vegetables. As far as possible, try to avoid feeding your dog scraps from the dining table, as that can be extremely unhealthy. Moreover, avoid feeding them chocolates, which if taken in a huge quantity, may prove to be fatal for your dog.
  • images (1)Taking care of its health: As the o wner of a dog, it is your duty to make sure that your dog is in its best of health as possible. The dog has to be taken timely to the veterinarian so that its flea medicines and monthly as well as yearly shot schedules are properly maintained. Besides, it is by staying in constant touch with the veterinarian that you can get a better idea of how to take care of a dog as far as its feeding and grooming issues are concerned. Moreover, you have to ensure that no harm is caused to your dog from certain food items, household stuff and so on.
  • Taking care of its Hygiene issues: If you are planning to keep a dog in the form of a pet, then you also have to be extra careful about issues regarding its hygiene. Dogs have to be properly cared for as well as cleaned. After proper consultation with your vet, find out how frequently it has to be given a bath in order to avoid any unpleasant odors and be rid of the havoc of shedding, which happens in the case of most of the dogs. Moreover, one needs to keep the nails of the dog properly trimmed so that the dog does not experience a pain in its toes at the time of running or walking. Some people also consider brushing the teeth of their dog to keep them clean; however, this has to be done only if your pet is comfortable with the idea of it. Besides, animals who have long hair need to be properly groomed in order to stop the problem of matting and shedding to the minimum.

But all said and done about how to take care of a dog, it is the element of love, apart from the factor of care that a dog looks forward to at the end of the day and if this something which it has been getting in abundance to an extent that it makes it feel comfortable and safe, then there is no stopping you from developing one of the most prized relationships with your pet.

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