How to Take Care of Hair Extensions

If you have decided to get hair extensions, then you must be intrigued to know how to take care of hair extensions. Whether real or synthetic all the hair extensions need care for extending their life. People pay to get long locks, so keeping them longer is desirable. Here are some simple steps on how to take care of hair extensions.

Things Required:

  • Comb
  • Brush
  • Gentle shampoo
  • Liquid soap
  • Conditioner
  • Towels

How to Take Care of Hair Extensions
Clip-On Hair Extensions

  • These clip-on extensions must be removed at the end of the day. You will have to work it properly and remove the tangles from your fingers first. Now, you can start combing on the extensions with a wide-tooth comb; make sure that you don’t pull hard on the tangles.
  • Take a gentle shampoo and start shampooing the human hair extensions with warm water. Remember that you will have to work from the top of the extensions to the bottom, pull them down in a smooth motion instead of balling the hair upwards.
  • For synthetic hair, you will have to wash them with a mild cleanser and tepid water. Again, make sure that you using a smooth motion and work the cleanser on the hair without tangling them. Rinse the hair extensions properly in tepid or warm water. Gently take your hair and squeeze the water out, but make sure that you don’t wring them.
  • Now, take the extensions and place them on a towel and wrap the towel on the extensions for soaking all the water. Lay the extensions on the dry towel and let them air dry.
  • For human hair extensions, you can style them in any way you like once you have clipped them. You can straighten them or curl them with iron. Remember that synthetic hair is already styled so you will just have to clip them.

Sewn-in or Braided-in Hair Extensions

  • The braided or sewn-in hair extensions on your head should be shampooed as you do to your natural hair. Take a gentle shampoo and focus on cleansing the scalp, make sure that your extensions at roots of your hair get cleaned properly.
  • Now, rinse your hair with warm water, but pay extra attention to the scalp and roots for making sure that your shampoo is completely rinsed away. Apply little conditioner to your hair and the extensions as well, work it all the way towards the end. You will have to rinse the conditioner with warm water.
  • Remember that you will have to wrap your hair along with the extensions in a towel and remove excess water. You can style your hair in the normal way, but remember that if you have synthetic hair they won’t be able to take the heat. The style in the synthetic extensions will already be set. You can curl, roll or iron your human extensions.

Tips and Warnings:

  • All the human hair extensions must be shampooed at least once or twice in a week. If you wear your synthetic extensions daily, then you must wash them only once a week.
  • Always remember that you must never apply heat on your synthetic hair extensions and this includes curling or flat iron. The heat will start melting the synthetic hair. You must not put hair gels, pomade or oil on your synthetic hair extensions.
  • If your hair is made from thermofiber or monofiber then you can use heated styling products, such as curling tongs or flat irons. However, they can bear only a certain degree of heat and this will be stated on the packet. If you happen to exceed this limit of heat then your hair will start melting.
  • Never brush your extensions, because you can break them or create frizzy hair. Daily care for your hair extensions can be very time consuming. Therefore, everyday keep at least half an hour aside for tending them.

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