How to Take Care of Your Skin in Winter

How to Take Care of Your Skin in Winter

How to Take Care of Your Skin in Winter

We all like to flaunt a clear, fair and flawless skin at all times and throughout all the months of the year, much to the envy of all the people around. But then in order to do so, we also are completely aware of the fact that a lot of effort, money as well as time has to be properly invested in it. Especially, talking of the season of winter, that does a lot of harm on our skin, a proper skin care regimen has to be abided by, in the absence of which we can never dream of becoming a cause of jealousy of other people. However, it is a fact known to all that as easier as it may appear to be, how to take care of your skin in winter is an obvious question that confronts most of the ladies during the winter season almost every single year. The skin being the largest organ of our bodies, especially needs to be taken a lot of good care as it is not an easy task to hide it fully, because they are required to breathe properly as well. However, there are many measures that can be adopted to discover the key to having a clear and fair skin, one which you had always desired to be the proud owner of. Let us consider a few of these methods and going through them, you can very easily figure out how to take care of your skin in winter.

For some of them, the season of winter does not just bring with it a mere dryness of the skin, but a problem more extreme than that, since the skin apart from becoming dry, also begins cracking as well as results in a disease called eczema, a condition in which the skin becomes inflamed. In order to be comfortable and avoid the severe cold, many people during the winter season, try to heat up their homes by the use of electricity, oil as well as wood, which further accentuates the problem of drying up the skin of the people in the home, even though it saves them from the extreme cold. By abiding by the following points, you can well find out how to take care of your skin in winter and keep it healthy as well as moist.

  • Seek the aid of an expert in the field of skincare: Instead of going to the local drug store, where any good reliable advice on skin care is hard to come by, it is always a best suggestion to take the advice of a dermatologist or an esthetician even if it is for once in the season of winter every year. By properly analyzing the kind of skin you have and the measures that you have been adopting, the expert in the field can suggest the best skin care regimen for your skin. You will then come to know the products that you should be using as well as what not to use. Opposed to what most of the people tend to believe, there is no guarantee that costlier skin care products are better than cheaper ones as it has been found out by survey that even inexpensive products can do wonders for the skin, which even expensive ones might fail to do. In fact, the expensive skin care products are for the marketing strategies that go into promoting them, and the attractive as well as eye-catching packaging of it. The most basic thing to consider here is how the product is responding on your skin.
  • Catch hold of an effective moisturizer: In the winter season, it is most essential to get hold of a moisturizer which is oil-based and not water-based because the oil content of it will help in proving a cover on your skin. However, one has to choose oil-based moisturizers that are non-clogging as moisturizers containing almond oil, avocado oil, mineral oil, primrose oil and so on. Stay away from butter oil or shea oil if possible, because it can clog the facial pores of the skin. Even vegetable should be avoided as far as possible since being too much greasy or sticky, it would only just sit on your skin. You can also buy lotions containing a substance known as humectants which includes alpha-hydroxy acids, glycerin, sorbitol and the like that attracts a bit of moisture to the skin.
  • Apply sunscreen even during the season of winter: Even though most of the people believe that sunscreen is something that has to be applied only in summer, it is not true. Even the sun during winter is capable of equally damaging the skin. Before leaving for outdoors, apply a bit of broad-spectrum sunscreen lotion on your face and hands, about thirty minutes before it. It needs to be kept applying again and again depending on how long you are outdoors in the sun.
  • downloadTake extra care of the hands: It is not an easy task to keep the hands in winter season soft, as owing to the fact that it is comparatively thinner than most other parts of your body as well as contains fewer oil glands. This can cause cracking and itchiness of the hands. One of the best solutions to this problem is to put on the habit of putting on woolen gloves to keep your hands warm in the season of winter, with a cotton glove beneath in order to avoid any irritation from the wool if it causes.
  • Avoid wearing damp gloves and socks: It is always a best advice to avoid putting on wet gloves as well as socks, which rather than doing any good for the feet and the hands, will only add on to the problem by causing cracking, eczema, irritation or itching of your skin on those body parts.
  • Use a humidifier at home: Another good solution to the problem of having a dry skin in winter season is to install small humidifiers at home, which spreads the moisture level of the air around the house, making the air more damp or humid, thereby making it more moist as well as preventing the skin on your body from drying out and becoming cracked.
  • Drink more water for the overall health of your body and not just the skin: Even though many a times, we have heard most of the people making the comment that drinking lots of water does wonders for our skin, it is not true and just a myth. In fact, drinking lots and lots of water does wonders for the whole body and it is no doubt true that if your skin is extremely dehydrated, than drinking lots of water would definitely help in regaining its lost glow. But the skin otherwise does not have any major changes in it as a result of drinking lots and lots of water.

Having now discovered the mantra of how to take care of your skin in winter, you are well equipped to face the extreme cold of this season of winter as well as flaunt that much wanted flawless skin of yours, at the sight of which other people go green with envy.

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