How to Talk Smack on XBOX Live

If you are a game freak and an avid Xbox 360 player, then you must keep one thing in mind. If you have still not mastered the skills of how to talk smack on Xbox Live, then you are not fit to play at all. It might sound a bit rude, but all you gamers out there, the phrase “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then keep shut”, does not really apply when taking names or kicking ass on Xbox Live.

Now, what exactly is meant by talking smack? Smack talk is slang terms or use of threatening or deliberately inflammatory language, mostly in chat rooms, blogs, or in this case, massively multiplayer online games (MMOG).

If you intend to play and not sound stupid when talking trash online, you must get into your head a few basic but necessary rules. This article will guide you to get back at people swearing at you, by teaching how to smack talk, if not cursing, and become the ultimate smack talker in the world of online gaming.

Now, we will take a specific example. Say you are playing a war game or Call of Duty 4 to be precise. Here are the ways on how to talk smack on Xbox Live while playing this game.


  • Always talk very loudly so that everyone can hear you
  • For fun and to make those in your match having the identical clan tag furious, change your clan tag to theirs
  • Make sure that you keep telling repeatedly that you ‘rock’ and all others simply ‘suck’ and you are way better than everyone else, even if you are the worst player of all
  • The moment you spawn, don’t think twice before throwing a stun grenade or a flash bang
  • When you get killed, tell everyone who killed you that they were lucky and you shall get back hard
  • If someone is truly mad and furious at you, then annoy him or her more by repeating exactly what he or she says in an irritating, mocking and high-pitched voice.
  • You can do all this without any penalty, seeing on how much it is difficult to be kicked out of a game on Call of Duty 4

Here are some of the examples on how to talk smack on X box Live while playing Call of Duty 4:

  • Talk to people annoyingly and try to even sing in an irritating manner
  • Tell them everyone’s a ‘wimp’ who doesn’t use flash bangs, grenades and pistols
  • Say things like, if people resort to cursing, “Get a bar of soap for your dirty filthy mouth.”
  • Keep saying “yo mamma” throughout the game. It will really annoy fellow gamers
  • If they tell you to keep your mouth shut, do that and do not utter a word for a long time. And when they get irritated and tell you to reply, u say, “you told me to be a quiet freak, you punk”. It will drive your fellow gamer crazy
  • Be innovative and keep talking smack until the game is over or they have had enough


  • Always keep in mind, after you have learned how to smack and going great guns, that your talk only your teammate can hear, unless an enemy has the special perk to eavesdrop, which is almost never used
  • You must respect feelings of people and not overdo with your use of slang. Some people can be really sensitive and if offended can even hack into your account

So, now that you know how to talk smack on Xbox Live, switch on your game machine, get an adequate microphone, and let the war of words begin.

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