How to Teach Business English

Business English is basically a part of English language which is related to international trade. It is important to know how to teach business English if you are teaching or going to teach in a business school. Business English is considered to be a specification of English language learning and teaching. Today English has become the global language. Trading and business is done all around the world and the language which is used for communication is no other than English itself.

Now a days, as the business and corporate sector is booming, everybody wants to get into the corporate sector in any manner. For this, everybody wants to learn business English and thus there is an increment in the demand for business English tutors. If you want to make a career in this field then you must know the proper way of teaching business English.
How to Teach Business English
Some simple instructions listed below will help you in this concern.

  • You should teach exactly what your students expect. Business English has different meaning for different people. For some people, it is the global language for international trade and for others it is defined as the language and communications skill which is needed in the corporate sector.
  • You should ask your students’ plan for using their English language knowledge in their work and business and also for what exactly they want to learn business English.
  • You should provide your students with practical business English confrontation. Role plays of meetings, telephonic conversations, business negotiation and customer service should be done along with mock interviews. Students should be able to learn a collection of phrases which they will be using in real situations.
  • You have to build the vocabulary of your students so that they can chat with their English speaking colleagues during business meetings, parties and breaks at business conferences.
  • You should involve works on business presentations in your teaching method. It will make it more effective. It is very useful to practice making and giving presentations in English for the students.
  • You should teach useful phrases to your students for introduction of a topic, for shifting from one idea to the next and lastly for the conclusion of a presentation.
  • You should teach other correspondence skills of business English also because professionals, who use English language for business purposes, also need to write business letters, memos, reports and notices, if applicable.
  • When teaching business English in written form, you should pick only one type of correspondence at one time like a letter of inquiry provided with good examples and useful phrases.
  • Give problem solving activities.
  • Make your lessons on activities which are centered on solving problems and making decisions. Some activities you can give are:
  1. Make a report on how to market a new product
  2. Write the procedure of planning a budget
  3. Write the procedure of choosing a new employee.
  • You should offer different topics for discussion. One could get bored of talking on the same topic every time. You can use these topics for discussions:
  1. Business etiquette in a multinational company
  2. Brain drainage
  3. Working in a different place or culture

These are some points you can use to make your teaching skills better. Business English is a very important part of today’s society. It must be taught in its correct and applicable form. I hope this article would have proved helpful for you.

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