How to Thread a Sewing Machine

If you are not used to sew things on a sewing machine, you might sometimes find it difficult to thread a sewing machine. But once this is done, sewing things is not that difficult to learn. The most important and basic thing that you would need is a good eyesight so as to thread the needle on the machine. If you have a poor vision, see to it that you have your spectacles handy. How to thread a sewing machine is the first thing you should know before learning to stitch things on the machine.

Things that you would need for threading a sewing machine:

  • Threads
  • Sewing machine
  • Sewing bobbins
  • Needles used in a sewing machine

The following steps can be followed to thread a sewing machine:

  • Turn the handwheel on the machine towards you and raise the needle high enough.
  • By raising the pressure foot, you can easily pass the thread through the threading point. This prevents the needle from getting unthreaded frequently.
  • Keep the thread spool in the spool pin. Some machines have a horizontal spool holder, if this is the case make sure that the thread spool is covered with the cap.
  • Hold the thread and get it through the points wherein the thread needs to pass. This point is on the machine’s top. Then take this thread down to the tension assembly of the machine, which is to the left of the machine. This controls the thread’s flow.
  • Direct the thread below the tension assembly, then up to the next threading point, which is located on the left side top of the sewing machine. It is necessary that the thread needs to pass between 2 tension discs and the hook attached to the left of the tension dial.
  • Put the thread inside the lever which is placed at the left top of the machine and then down in the left side bottom thread points in the machine over the needle.
  • The direction from which the needle of the machine will be threaded depends and varies on the type of machine that you are using.
  • Pull the thread towards your left from the needle’s eye.
  • A wound bobbin needs to be inserted into the sewing machine and then shut off the throat plate. Some part of the thread must be sticking out of the throat plate, which is closed.
  • After this, you need to rotate the machine’s hand-wheel so that the needle vanishes to the bobbin case
  • Rotate the hand-wheel a little to bring the needle at the peak point. When this is done a ring of bobbin pops up along with it.
  • When you draw the thread to the left of you, the ring of the bobbin thread further pops up.
  • Pull up the bobbin thread and when the end of the thread comes up, draw the upper and lower threads with the help of pressure foot.

In this way, by knowing how to thread a sewing machine, you need not wait for the technician to help you thread the machine. You can do it yourself and start sewing.

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