How to Throw a Football Further

Have you always wished to throw the football the farthest while playing a game of football on the ground? If you are playing in the position of a quarterback in your team throwing the ball becomes an important requisite for you as the game majorly depends on you. You are the center of attraction as the quarterback plays a vital role in helping a team win a game. If you learn how to throw a football further, this will give you an edge above the other players. Certain exercises and some techniques of throwing the ball will help you throw the ball further than others.

The following steps can be tried out if you want to throw the football further.

  • To gain the momentum and the strength, you need to practice throwing the ball every day. As a quarterback it becomes necessary that you throw the ball well and further than the others. As your practice gains aggression, each throw should get better than the previous one.
  • Strength to the upper body and the arms are necessary to help you throw the ball farther. This strength can be gained by doing push-ups and other exercises to strengthen these parts.
  • The team for which you play also plays an important role. A quarterback relies on the offensive line of his team to hold the defensive players. You need to wait until the receivers of your team run down towards the opposition area and are open; only then you should throw the ball. The accuracy of the throw matters a lot.
  • Quarterback scramble is a tactic which is very useful. As a quarterback you need to avoid tackles from the defense while waiting to throw the long ball. While doing so a you need to be behind the dispute line.
  • Only having the strength to throw the ball further won’t do, as while throwing the ball deep, you need to create and angle and throw the ball with an arc as such that the ball goes high and lands into the receiver’s hands you intended.
  • Use of the waist and the your legs to give that thrust while throwing, will give that extra force to the ball sending it farther. Drive your back leg in order along with thumping your hips, when you release the ball from your hand. The use of lower body helps you get the momentum to throw the ball far.
  • Practice to get a perfect spiral throw which helps give more force than a weak and wobbly throw.
  • Make sure that the ball is properly inflated as a ball with less air won’t give you the distance, even if you follow the above tactics. Avoid strength imbalance by training both the arms equally.

It is not an easy task to just get on to the field and throw the ball the furthest. It definitely requires an strict exercise schedule for the upper body and the arms specially. Proper practice and physical training along with certain techniques will help you get that perfect throw and being a quarterback, this becomes a very important requisite in the game of football.

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