How to Tickle Feet

Tickling brings an instant smile or laughter on the face of one who is being tickled. Even the one who tickles enjoys and laughs seeing the laughter of the other person. Tickling is most effective on neck, feet, stomach and waist. Tickling feet, especially in small kids makes them laugh out loud. However, you should know how to tickle feet. Everyone knows to tickle, but if you follow the instructions given below and tickle, accordingly it will help you make the person laugh out loud.

Tickling is mainly caused due to the application of light sensation on the skin surface. It will cause, giggling, laughing and irrepressible jerking of torso and limbs. You can tickle all over the body but the soles of the feet are very much sensitive to tickling. The nerve fibers around the feet souls are connected the nerves for pleasure, touch stimulation and pain. All these together combine to cause tickling.

Tickling is basically of two types: knismesis – light tickle & gargalesis – a slight heavy tickle which produces laughter. Tickling not only leads to laughter, but it promotes shared laughter and strengthens relation bonds. It is a simple way of getting naughty when you are with your loved one.

Instructions for how to tickle feet:

  • Use a claw. Tie or pin both the ankles of the person you want to tickle. After this lightly move your fingers over the feet soul. Once he/she starts giggling, increase the intensity of the movement of your fingers. Move your fingers very fast and all over the soul. Continue doing this until he/she is almost breathless out of laughter, or when he/she requests you to stop.
  • Other idea is using a feather instead of your fingers. Lightly brush his/her soles in one direction only using the feather. Again, follow the same instruction. Once he/she starts giggling, increase the intensity of the tickle by moving the feather all over the surface of his/her feet and do not miss out the flip side of the toes. Make him/her laugh till you wish.
  • Another very interesting object to tickle feet is a soft bristled brush. Using a brush having very soft bristles, start moving it up and down slightly on his/her feet. Again, follow the same procedure of increasing the intensity when the person starts giggling.

Follow these simple tips to tickle his/her feet and experience the difference. These simple tips make your loved one smile or even laugh aloud.

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