How to Tickle Trout

You have tickled your friends, relatives or siblings, however, have you ever tried to tickle a trout. You can add freshwater fish to your menu if you know ‘how to tickle trout’.

Trout is the fish belonging to the Salmoninae species of saltwater and freshwater fishes. There have been several discussions on the legal approval or illegal practice of trout tickling. Trout tickling is legal as far as you are not fishing in prohibited areas or private waters without the needed permission.

Trout tickling is very much in practice especially for those who own their woodlands. If you have never tickled a trout, here are some instructions that will let you know how to tickle a trout.

How to tickle trout?

  • While walking along the banks of a river or a stream, you might most often startle a trout and the trout will swim just beneath the bank.
  • Lying with your face down on the bank near the point where you had seen the fish for the last time, gently slide both your hands underneath the bank.
  • Cover a 2-3 feet distance with your hands and move inwards.
  • Move your hands as slowly and calmly as you can so that you do not disturb the waters much. It should be like the water movement caused by the breeze.
  • If you move your hands too fast, you will frighten the Trout and miss tickling the Trout.
  • Move your hands slowly, and you need to have a caressing and gentle touch.
  • While moving your hands try to keep your hands as low as you can.
  • Once you suspect a fish, try to move it smoothly on the underbelly of the trout. You won’t be able to see exactly what is going on below the waters, so you have to identify and feel the touch.
  • Identify whether it is tree, trout, stone, etc. Once you have identified it as a fish, gently rub your hands on its underbelly.
  • Next step will be to move your hands towards the trout’s head and while doing so tighten the grip around the fin area.
  • This is how you tickle a trout. However, it is not the end. After having completed the steps mentioned above, you need to stand up.
  • While standing up you need to have a firm grip and hold the fish tightly with both hands and move away from the water.
  • Do not try to throw your trout out of the water while you are still inside. If you do so, you may damage the trout and probably your trout might jump back in the water as well.

Tickling a trout is a bit difficult but some practice will help you master the art. Prior to actually tickling trout in the stream or river, you can practice a bit in your bath tub. You can use soap or a fish toy and try to locate it in the bath tub with your eyes closed only by using the sense of touch.

Practice and try to tickle a trout next time when you visit a stream or a river.

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