How to Tickle

You always like to play mischief and make others laugh and enjoy, then you will definitely love tickling your friends, siblings or loved ones. Everyone knows ‘how to tickle.’ Tickling is the simplest way to make someone laugh.

If your friend, sister, brother girlfriend or boyfriend is angry with you, and you want to bring a smile on his or her face, a simple tickle will suffice. It is also very romantic for a couple. Tickling brings back the lost child in you.

Usually people tickle on stomach but some other parts of the body that are very sensitive to tickling are:

  • Feet
  • Armpits
  • Knees
  • Belly
  • Sides
  • Neck

Each one of us knows ‘how to tickle’, but still if you want to know the exact technique of tickling, this will be very useful for you. Follow the steps mentioned below to enjoy the utmost pleasure of tickling.

  1. If possible, try to tie your victim to a chair or some other object. This will not allow your victim to defend him or her. You can easily tickle the person and make him or her laugh.
  2. If you want to add more fun to it, blindfold the person. It is usually experienced that when a person is tied and blindfolded, they feel more ticklish. This is because they will not know when you will tickle them, and they will continuously laugh.
  3. Now your victim is ready. You can tickle the person on the stomach, neck and feet. These areas are more sensitive to tickling. While tickling feet, some people feel more ticklish when they have their silky socks or pantyhose on, while some feel more ticklish when tickled on bare feet. You can try out both.
  4. Tickling on stomach will be more fun because people feel more ticklish on stomach
  5. In some rare cases, some people are totally insensitive to stomach tickling. You will have to thus find out their tickle sensitive points. Some people feel ticklish on the lower back. They are highly sensitive to this tickle.
  6. Another good idea of tickling is moving your fingers lightly up and down on the sides of the victim.
  7. Females have an advantage of their long nails. Females can indulge into spider tickling (light moving all the fingertips). This will result into a very ticklish experience for the victim.

These tips will definitely prove very useful when you tickle someone next time. However, you must remember that you should tickle someone who is close to you and have an informal relation with you. Also, the tricks mentioned above like tying up a person and tickling should be done with someone of your age and having a very informal relation with you. Do not try to attempt this with someone you are not very friendly with. It might put you in trouble.

Try out these tickling tricks and make your friends and loved one’s laugh.

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