How to Trace a Cell Phone

There are many reasons for which one may want to know how trace a cell phone. . Sometimes one may feel suspicious about people around him. That time he would think of tracing their cell phones. Or maybe one wants to trace a cell phone because he is getting threatening calls or blank calls and want to know who is behind all this. Whatever the reason be, I m providing the solution here. In these very simple steps you will get to know how to trace a cell phone.

    How to Trace a Cell Phone

  • Try entering the phone number in some popular search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. if this number would have been advertise anywhere on the net then 100 % it will turn up. If nothing like this has been done, at least the name of the service provider will certainly emerge out of it and may the location be revealed.
  • You can try a reverse phone number look up service. There you have to enter the phone number and from that you will get the general geographical location of the phone and the cell phone user’s information.
  • If the basic information turns up with some additional information then you should buy premium search results by a reverse phone number look up service.
  • If the person on the other side is harassing you on the phone then you should contact the police. If you are getting threatening or any other appropriate content from that person, you must take legal action against him by complaining in police. The police have the resources and legal capacity to get informed about the account information, cell phone or handset tracking and even call records.

You can use this method only in extreme conditions. Do not try this without any reason.

I hope this article would have helped in learning how to trace a cell phone.

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