How to Trace a Person

Sometimes you wish to be in touch with your old friends or someone whom you left behind in the course of life. In this article, we will tell how to trace a person, so that you can find your loved ones once again. They could be your friends, your lost siblings, your past love, your biological parents (if you have been raised up in an orphanage or by those parents who have adopted you) or someone who just touched your heart and you never had the chance to meet them again.

The less your knowledge about where they have been, the harder will be to trace them. But in the age of information and technology, it is quite easy to trace a person because everybody possesses some digital information about them.
How to Trace a Person
Through this article you can learn how to trace a person in these easy steps.


  • At first you should make a detailed report of the person whom you are looking for. You should comprise information like name, age or date of birth, gender, the address you know, previous schools or college and hobbies.
  • You should also include common friends, neighbors and those persons whom both of you know.
  • In the next step, you should search for the name.
  • Whenever you find any information about that person, you should write it down in the report, you made earlier.
  • Now you should try different version of the name of that person and search it through different search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.
  • If you think that the person you are searching for has moved to another country then you should try different versions of search engines made for different countries.
  • If you are searching for a lady then there is a chance that she is married now and might have changed her name. In this type of cases, you should try by adding ‘née’ in the search bracket with every variation. Née is a word which indicates the maiden name of the person.
  • After this, try those websites which are specially designed for searching people. You can also look for that person on social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut etc.
  • You can also try tracing the phone number. You can enter the phone number of the person you are searching into the search engines. If that person has listed or advertised his or her phone number anywhere on the net then it will come up in the search results.
  • In the US, parts of a state can be traced by the area code. The first three digits are the code for the exchange area. Most exchange areas cover up a small town or a part inside a city. Let us say 10 * 10 block area. Now you can contact the phone companies in that place or find out a phone directory of that area and create a map of that exchange area depending upon exchanges shown in the directory. Almost every cell phone number carries the exchange code of the exchange area from where it was issued. If you have found the phone number and the zip code then you can locate an even smaller area to search in the map.
  • You can search for those organizations and companies in which, you think, the person is employed, depending upon the qualifications and interests.
  • It may be a non-profit or professional organization. You should ask for a membership directory of the organization. You can search the name of the person you are looking for there also.
  • You can also ask those people who, you think, might know something about that person.
  • You should also collect information like last known phone numbers and email addresses. Before asking questions about that person, you should explain why you are searching him/her. There is a chance of not getting any information from them for the sake of the privacy of that person.
  • You can give an advertisement in the newspaper if you know the location of that person.
  • There, you have to give details about who you are searching for and why. You should also leave your contact information so that the person you are looking for or someone related to him or her can also contact you.
  • It is suggested that you maintain the privacy of that person. You should not disclose any private information which you have about him/her.

Tips & warnings

  • You should make up your mind that this person may not be the same as you have known. His/her appearance, lifestyle, habits and priorities may have changed. You should accept the possibility of the person being dead or gone to jail also.
  • If you manage to find that person somehow, you must not pretend that you just met and it is a coincidence. You should tell that person about your search efforts. But you should understand if it makes him/her uncomfortable in any sense. You must not contact them again in this situation.
  • Don’t lie to people to get information for your search. It is unethical and it may result in legal action against you.

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