How to Trace a Private Number

One day I got a call on my mobile phone. The caller started abusing me using vulgar language without telling anything about himself. I got enormously frightened. When I looked on the mobile screen for the caller’s number, there was ‘private number’ displayed on the screen. I did not know how to trace a private number till that time. That incidence made me learn how to trace a private number.

You may suffer or have suffered the same situation as I have gone through. In these situations, it is quite important to know how to trace a private number. Here are some steps, which I used when I was trying to trace that number. You can also trace a private number using these steps.
How to Trace a Private Number
Steps for tracing:

  • At first I started to keep a record of each and every call which was coming by the ‘private number’. I started jotting down the details of those calls. This helped me in finding out the pattern of the calls.
  • After that I contacted my phone network provider company. I talked to the customer care representative and told him about this incident. He asked me to get a legal order to get the required information.
  • Getting a legal order is not a very easy task so I decided to do it on my own. Next time when the call appeared with ‘private no’, I did not pick up the phone and let the call go to voice mail. After that I dialed *69.  By pressing this code, you are able to redial the last caller’s number. If you have a caller ID on your phone then you can easily get to know the number. This code is applicable for North America. For your location code, it will be better to ask your phone network provider.
  • If you are getting just missed calls then you should redial on that number. Generally cell phones have a redial button. You need to press it immediately after you got a call from a private number. If anybody answers, tell him or her that you are getting missed calls from a private number and after redialing on that number, it connects to you and you have called on it to know who was calling on your number. It may happen that the person would not pick up the phone and you will be redirected to the voice message service, there the person might have identified himself or herself and his or her phone number on it.
  • The best thing that you can do is to buy anonymous call blocking on your number. For this you have to contact your mobile or landline service providing company and ask them if they provide anonymous call blocking. This service is a paid service which stops blocked numbers to call you. Instead of this, callers will listen to a recording to unblock their numbers if they want to make a call to your phone. Now callers must unblock their numbers if they wish to reach to you. By unblocking their numbers, their information that is their phone number will be displayed on your caller ID screen instead of displaying ‘private number’. From this you can easily get the number and then tracing that number will become quite easy.
  • Alternatively you can also buy an unblocking service. There is a site named ‘’ which provides a service which will give you toll free number. You have to forward your incoming blocked calls which will include all those numbers that are displayed as ‘private number’ to this toll free number. This site then opens the blocking and sends the name and the number to your mobile phone. It is easy to register yourself on this site. Just go to the site and follow the instructions. Registration to this site is free but you need to buy the service if you need to avail it.
  • Following these steps, you will obtain the number. After this, depending on the nature of the calls, you should go to the police and file the report.

Tips and warnings

  • Some of these features mentioned above are not available on some phones. You need to contact your service provider to know if they can provide you these services or not. Sometimes you need to pay some extra amount for these services.
  • You should immediately contact to your service provider company if you are getting such calls. They can help you in taking action against these calls and caller.
  • You should talk to the security department of the company. They will set up a call tracing system to trace the caller.
  • It is to be noted that course of action does not means that the personal information of the caller will be provided to you. It means that the authorities can take action on behalf of you to stop the caller from making any further calls to you.

Getting calls from a private number is very irritating and sometimes it becomes scary too. Then it becomes very important to know how to trace a private number and halt the caller if you are getting such calls. I hope now you have learned how to trace a private number.

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