How to Trace an Email

Anonymous mails are very frequent on the internet. Sometimes people start harassing or playing pranks through emails. It is very annoying and disturbing. Blocking these mails does nothing because you never know the origin of the mail.  For this you must know how to trace an email.

Information about these mails can help you in taking action against these mails. For this you need to know how to trace an email. This process is explained in very simple steps in this article.
How to Trace an Email
These steps are:

  • Every email message contains some unique information about them like a digital finger print which makes tracing of an email possible. At first you should try to find out the key information about the email.
  • You should check the email address of the sender and just see whether you recognize it or not. Many a times people send mails with fake names or without a name but forget to use anonymous email address. In such cases you can easily recognize who is sending you those emails.
  • If you are not able to recognize the email address. Then you should look at the header. The header represents the exact origin of the email with the time and date. Generally it is disabled in most of the browsers. But you can view it easily with the help of quick menu selections. For instance, in Outlook Express, you have to go to the ‘view’ menu button and click on to ‘option’ and there you will see an option of viewing the full header.
  • Now you have to find out the last received address. The received line which is closest to the email main body shows the journey of email with the IP address of the computer from which it originated.
  • Now try to trace the source IP address. It can be found in the American Registry for internet numbers. There you will find that person’s name that has been registered with this IP address. From there you can also get the contact number of the administrator.
  • After getting all the information, you can proceed for the further enquiry.
  • You should contact the concerning authority, depending upon the nature of the email. If you feel that it is inappropriate then you should contact the police to handle the situation.

Tips and warnings

  • Sometimes anonymous mails are received as spam. You do not need to search the sender then, just mark it as a spam.
  • It is suggested that you contact the police if you are getting threatening emails. These emails are serious and should not be taken lightly. Police will take appropriate action against it.

These kinds of emails are really disturbing. It becomes quite necessary to take action against these emails sometimes. For this, knowing how to trace an email is very much important. Only after this you will be able to take proper action against it. I hope this article has helped you in this concern.

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