How to Train Your Dog

How to Train Your Dog

How to Train Your Dog

As the popular saying goes “Practice makes a man perfect”, no creature on the earth is born perfect. It is only through a lot of grooming that it can be made and molded in the desired manner and herein, comes the importance of the process of disciplining, grooming or training, in order to bring out the best of one’s abilities or potential. If it is the case with human beings that we are in need of a bit of disciplining or training, how more necessary is it in the case of the other lowly creatures on this earth, who are unfortunately not blessed with the good fortune of having been born with the gift of brains or the mind. Hence, for them, and especially for dogs, that accounts for the greatest number of pet animals kept in households, the importance of training is something which cannot be ruled out as well, as it forms one of the basic foundations, based on which the rest of the behavior of the animal is categorized. However, unfortunately it has been observed that when it comes to the aspect of disciplining or training dogs who are pets in some household, most of the owners do not pay too much of a heed to this aspect, and is also a reason why finding it utterly difficult to manage their animal, they leave them at the mercy of the shelter homes, which is nothing but a matter of concern. Rather if trained well from a young age, it has been seen that it works wonders for most of the dogs, bringing about a smile on the lips of their owners. However, it is something quite understood that for all, it is not possible to know everything on how to train your dog and that is precisely the reason behind us considering the expert opinion of a few of the experts in the field.

Even though many people are not aware of this fact, it is never too early or late to train the dog. One can begin training the puppy, right from the very first day they take it home, even if it is as young as four to five weeks of age. In this case, it is all the more easy to start training a dog, which is eight, nine or eleven weeks of age. Most people are also not aware of the fact that when a dog is awake it is constantly learning. This has been quoted by Gail Fisher, author of the book “The Thinking Dog” and who is also an eminent lecturer on dog behavior as well as training, and an ex member of the board of directors of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

Another eminent lecturer on dog behavior and training and who co-owns Green Acres Kennel Shop in Bangor, Maine, apart from being the chair of ADPT, says that any dog, irrespective of its age or breed can be trained if it has been accurately motivated as well as based on the knowledge, level of patience and skills of the one who trains the dog. This was said in relation to the question as well as worry that most of the owners have if their dog has the age to be further trained or not. Besides, as far as the question of the abilities of the dog in acquiring the tricks are concerned, he says that as long as the dog is physically in a position to acquire newer skills, there are no differences in the techniques of training by the trainer. The only difficulty in training slightly older dogs is that as they grow in age, dogs acquire undesirable behavior traits which they pick up in the process of constantly learning newer skills, and they have to be made to unlearn by the trainer in case of older dogs.

Unfortunately, most of the people wait till such time as their dogs attain the age of six months to two years of age, and then they begin with the process of training. This only makes it more and more hard for the owners to train them up and most often than not, a majority of the people lack the patience to bear through it. But with a little consistency as well as patience, training a dog, at any stage, is not really a hard task.

Now if the owner is thinking whether to go for some classes on dog disciplining and training or to go for private training, then according to the opinion of both of them, it is always a best idea for the dog to be trained from an experienced trainer who makes the use of a positive reinforcement and in case, the owner has a good relation with the trainer it is all the more beneficial, because in this case, the dog can either be trained alone or in a class along with other dogs to be trained. In case, the dog is trained by the experienced trainer alone, then it is also possible for the owner to pick up a trick or two himself, to train the dog later on. It is not necessary that the relation with the experienced trainer has to be a long term one, since as soon as four to six months of training under him or her, the owner can be in a state to train the dog for the rest of its life.

It is always a better idea to train the dog in a class than alone, because the dog can get socialized with other dogs as well as people in the class and become more accepting. If you are wondering how to train your dog and where to do it from, know one thing that the best of the classes and the trainers are the ones who are equally good in teaching the owners things that they need to know in being with the dog, as in instilling in the dog good traits.

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