How to Transport a Cat

Are you fond of cats, and always take your cat along with you wherever you go? Then you must definitely know ‘how to transport a cat’. You might have to travel short as well as long distances. While going from your home to the nearby store, you can hold your cat in your hand, or take it in a car.

If you have to travel a long distance, or just bought a new cat and need to take it far away, then you will have to know how to transport a cat safely. Cats are very particular about their routine, and do not like disturbances. Moving a cat thus can be tricky. However, you can still move a cat, taking the right precautions and having all the necessary things with you.

Things needed to transport a cat:

  • Cat Beds: If you are planning to travel a long distance in a car or plane you will, need a cat bed for your cat. You cannot place your cat on your car seat and expect the cat to sit sophisticatedly, and not spoil the car seat.
  • Cat Carriers: If you are afraid of holding cats, or you are holding a cat for the first time, you definitely need a cat carrier. This will help you hold the cat safely and stop her from biting you.
  • Cat Foods: You cannot starve your cat. You need proper cat food for your cat. If you have a proper food routine for your cat, take all that mentioned in the routine with you.
  • Cat Leashes: You might need a leash if you are about to visit a crowded area. It might sometimes get difficult to hold the cat; a leash will help you move the cat easily.
  • Cat Toys: While you are driving the car, or while the cat is in a plane, you need to see that your pet does not get restless. Having some cat toys is a good idea.

Once you have gathered all these things, you can easily transport your cat

How to transport cat?

  • Feed your cat at least 4 hours prior to departure.
  • Place your cat inside the cat carrier. Place the vessels for food and water. Do not put in the food and water initially. Take a halt in between your journey and feed the cat with cat food and water
  • Do not forget to place some toys in the carrier. This will prevent your cat from getting restless.
  • Once you get down at your destination, tie the harness around your cat’s neck. This will help you move the cat easily and not hold the cat in your arms always.

How to transport a cat by plane?

If you wish to transport your cat by a plane, you need to plan for it, at least three months in advance. You need to check with the rules and regulations of the airlines you are using, and also the rules and regulations of your state or country for transporting a pet animal.

Follow the instructions given below to transport you cat by flight:

  • Get a veterinary certificate for your cat from your vet. You cannot transport a sick cat. This is mandatory for all airlines.
  • Feed the cat four hours prior the flight departure.
  • Check with the airlines whether they will let you board the flight along with your cat, or they have separate arrangements for transporting pets.
  • Some airlines allow you to take your cat carrier with you on flight if it fits below your seat. You will be charged an extra fee, and have to take care that your cat does not cause any disturbance.
  • If they have a separate arrangement, place your cat in the carrier. Lock it. Write your contact information on the carrier with a permanent marker. Keep a recent picture of your cat with you.
  • You will have to provide the concerned officials for pets, with the food schedule of your cat along with the cat food.
  • Inside the carrier, place the cat bed and cat toys, so that your cat does not get restless and enjoys traveling.
  • You can get a sedative for your cat from the vet, so that you and the airline do not come in trouble while moving the cat.

With these simple precautions and preparations, you can easily transport your cat by car or plane.

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