How to Transport Car

You are relocating to a new house or busy with the packing and shifting because of a new job or education. You will have to move many things and goods with you. One such good is a ‘car’. If you are used to traveling in your own car, you will have to shift your car as well. This sounds difficult but ‘how to transport car’ is not that big question.

Just like you shift other goods, you can transport your car as well. However, for this you will need to follow certain steps. If it is a road journey, and you are comfortable with driving, you can drive your car. Or else you will have to first decide on the mode of transport. You can transport your car by road, rail or ship. You need to choose one from these and complete the formalities associated with it. Written below are some simple steps you need to follow for transporting a car.

How to transport car?

  • Choose a mode of transport-Road, Rail or Ship. Depending upon the distance, cost, weather, and other formalities, you can choose one.
  • You can contact the packers and movers. They will give you the entire information once you tell them when and what you wish to move. Depending upon your choice, you can choose a packer and mover who will transport it by your mode of choice.
  • Check with two or three packers and movers, so that you get the right service and the right choice.
  • Prepare for the transportation at least two weeks before you actually want it to be transported. Talk to your mover about the insurance facility, documents, charges, etc. Have everything documented well.
  • On the day of transporting the car, see that your mover fills in the bill of lading. The bill of lading will include a report stating the condition of your car.
  • Read the report carefully before signing it. Sometimes some packers and movers mention scratches and dents at some places in the reports even if there aren’t any, so that they can shed the responsibility if a new dent or scratch appears while moving it.
  • Keep your advance payment check ready to give it to the mover on the date of pick up. Also ask the mover, the delivery date estimate. Make sure that you have someone present on the destination when the car reaches the destination.
  • Another important thing is that a car carrier is 75 feet in length. If you stay on some internal road in your locality it will be difficult or impossible for the carrier to get it inside. In such cases, you and your mover should decide on the pick up place.
  • The carrier’s car insurance does not cover your personal belongings in the car. Remember to get all the personal belongings out from the car.

How to transport car by rail?

  • Until very recently, a car could be shifted only by a truck carrier in United States. Now, you can transport your car by rail as well, from any part of the country to any desired location. The rail transport option is more opted for now-a-days because of the low cost factor.
  • You can shift your car using the ‘Autolog’s Auto Train Service’. With this company you can shift a car in around $750, (as per in 2007). With an additional fee of $100, you can opt for enclosed shipping of your car.
  • You can also shift your car using the Auto Transport by Rail. This company provides a pick and drop facility at your doorstep. You can call 1-866-13-RAIL and get further details about their services and charges.
  • Another service provider is the ‘Amtrak’s Auto Train Service’. However, they need the owner to travel by the same train in which the car is being transported and the owner has to arrive one hour before the departure time of the train.

How to transport car by ship?

  • Some companies also have shipping as a mode of transport for the car. In this case, you will need an ‘ocean bill of lading’ and you will need to complete other formalities. It is similar to shifting a car by rail or road. You need to read the documents carefully before you sign the documents.

With these simple procedures, you can easily transport your car to your desired location.

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