How to Transport Cupcakes

Cupcakes are very delicate and soft. They need top be handled with care. Even when you buy it from a store, they pack it for you well so that the cake does not get spoilt on your way. The cupcakes have to be packed well while transporting so that they do not break, dry, or contaminate. Knowing how to transport cupcakes will help you transport the cakes to the destination, unharmed.

Cupcakes cannot be transported just by placing it in a plate on the back seat of your car. This will not save your cupcakes. However, this does   not mean that you cannot transport your cupcakes without spoiling them. You can move your cupcakes, provided you take some precautions.

You will need:

A Cupcake tin or a cardboard box: In this tin or box, you can place the cupcakes packed well, so that they do not dry because of exposure to air.

Cupcake holder: These are tough to find but if you get one, it helps you transport the cupcake easily. This is a horizontal tray and resembles a cupcake mould. You can place your baked cupcakes in this holder one by one and finally place the holder in the box.

Aluminum Foil: If you cover your cupcakes well with the aluminum foil, they will retain moisture and not dry. If the cupcakes lose moisture they dry up and become hard.

Tips to transport cupcakes:

Remove the cupcakes from the oven or microwave. Never pack the cupcakes when they are hot. Let them cool in room temperature.

Once they cool down, decorate the cupcakes if you want to. If possible, you should transport the cupcakes first and decorate it when they reach the destination. However, in some cases like sending it as a birthday gift, you have to do the presentation before transporting.

If you have a cupcake holder, place the cupcakes in the holder one by one. Or else, take a cardboard, and cut circles in it. The circles should be of the size of your cupcake. Place the cupcakes in it one by one.

Now cover them with aluminum foil. Do not cover very tightly or else the decoration on the cupcake will spoil. Even if you do not decorate it do not cover it tightly, else, the upper layer of the cake softens and peels off.

Now place the cupcake holder in the tin or cardboard box. Again, put an aluminum foil on the tin or box and place the lid. This upper aluminum foil prevents the air from getting in the box and preserves your cakes.

Now you can easily transport the box. For more precaution, you can tie the box with a ribbon, so that the lid does not open by any chance.

While placing the box in the transport vehicle, see to it that you do not place any such object besides it, so that the cupcakes do not spoil if anything falls on it.

With these precautions, you can easily transport your cupcakes to the desired destination.

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