How to Transport Dog

You love your pet dog and want to take your dog with you wherever you go then you need to know ‘how to transport a dog’. Pet dog is just like a family member to its owner. People while shifting, need to take their dog along. Sometimes people buy a dog from a far away location, and need it to be shipped to the desired location.

Read the steps written below to learn ‘how to transport dog’ safely to a desired location.

  • If you have to transport your dog by air, you will have to check with the airlines about their rules and regulations about moving the dog by plane. They have their set of rules. Some airlines do not transport pets if the endure is too hot or cold. Rules and regulations of shipping dogs vary from one airline to another.
  • Before transporting your dog, get your dog checked by a vet. Make sure your dog is in a healthy condition. After all, you cannot shift a dog in bad health.
  • You can talk to the vet about a sedative for your dog. It is easy to transport a dog when he/she is sedated.
  • You cannot just place your dog in the plane to loiter around the airplane. You will have to purchase a kennel for your dog. While purchasing a kennel, make sure that, the kennel is apt in size, with your dog’s size. The kennel should be big enough to let your dog move around freely, especially if it is a long distance flight. You should buy a kennel big enough to place your dog, his food, water and some toy inside.
  • You can place your dog food in the kennel if needed and provide a food schedule to the concerned officials on the plane. They do provide food to the dogs, but if your dog is on a special diet, let the officials know about it.
  • On the kennel, mention your contact details. Write these details with a permanent marker on the kennel. This will help in easy identification of your dog.
  • Put the collar and tags on your dog as well. In case the dog moves out of the kennel accidentally, the officials can identify your dog easily.
  • Four hours prior to the flight departure, feed your dog with dog food and water. This is a pre requisite rule for transporting your dog. While check in, you will have to sign a statement saying you have fed your dog with food and water.
  • Dogs can travel in the same flight in which you travel. You can thus take your dog along with you and check in at the passenger terminal. As dogs travel in live cargo, you may be required to go to the ‘freight terminal’ for the dog’s check in.
  • On arriving at the destination, you have to collect your dog. The airline officials will tell you when and where you can pick up your dog.

Following the simple precautions mentioned above you can transport your dog easily by air to the required destination.

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