How to Transport Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Cupcakes are delicious and a favorite of many. Cupcakes baked in an ice cream cone are a favorite and popular in school functions and birthday parties. These are very easy to prepare and children love to eat these ice cream cone cupcakes. You might be good at making these, but do you know ‘how to transport ice cream cone cupcakes?’ Transporting ice cream cone cupcakes is not an easy task. You have to take utmost care so that the cupcakes do not break or get dry in transit.

The instructions mentioned below will help you transport your ice cream cone cupcakes.

How to transport ice cream cone cupcakes?

Things needed to transport ice cream cone cupcakes:

  • Cereal boxes
  • Pencil
  • Knife
  • Ice Cream Cones
  • Scissors
  • Water
  • Styrofoam egg cartons
  • Shirt Box
  • Tape

Once you are equipped with these things, prepare for transporting your ice cream cone cupcakes. You can make your own cupcake holders from these things.

Cereal Box

  • You will need one full sized cereal box to make a holder for one dozen cupcakes. See to it that you remove the plastic lining bag from the cereal box.
  • Using the lower side of the ice cream cone, trace 12 circles on the box using a pencil.
  • Make sure that you draw slightly bigger circles than the actual circle of the cone. This will prevent the cones from breaking.
  • Use the knife to start cutting the circles and then cut the entire circle with scissors.
  • Now place the bottom of the cones in these circles. Since the circles are slightly bigger than the actual size of the cone, they will actually hold the cone tight and upright.

In this way, you can use a cereal box to make your ice cream cone cupcake holder and transport your cupcakes easily.

Egg Cartons

  • To make a holder for a dozen cupcakes, you will have to clean one empty Styrofoam Egg Carton.
  • To clean the carton easily, just wash the carton under running tap water. Use dishwashing detergent to clean the carton thoroughly.
  • Let the cartons dry. Do not use wet cartons to place the cupcakes.
  • Turn the carton upside down and cut the egg-shaped domes on the bottom of the carton.
  • You will get round holes in the carton. Place your cupcake cones in this carton one by one.

Shirt Boxes

  • Choose a shirt box that is 2 to 2 ½ inch deep. You can look out for any old shirt box or request some clothing store owner to give you one.
  • Keep the lid of the box aside.
  • Using the bottom of the ice cream cone, trace the circles on the box as per the number of cones you need to place in it.
  • Again, remember to cut slightly larger circles than the actual size of the cone. If you have 12, cupcakes make two rows of six holes each.
  • Using a knife and scissor cut the circles on the box.
  • Let the cupcakes cool down at room temperature. Place them one by one in this shirt box holder created by you.
  • You can cover the box with the lid, to maintain the moistness of the cupcakes. However, see to it that the cupcakes are not hot or else there will be water droplets inside the box after you put the lid.

You can create your cupcake holders in this way using the things mentioned above. In case of cereal box and egg carton, you can cover it with aluminum foil or butter paper. This will prevent your cakes from drying up due to exposure to air. However, as mentioned earlier, do not cover the cakes when they are hot. If you do not take this precaution, your cupcakes will spoil.

Another important thing is that you cannot transport your cupcakes on a one month long journey. If it takes that long to move it, your cupcakes will decay on the way.

Go ahead make wonderful cupcakes and transport the cupcakes wherever you want.

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