How to Transport Piano

You love your piano and always protect it. You can’t tolerate a simple scratch on it and are worried about transporting your piano and finding ways on ‘how to transport piano’.  You can opt for a professional transport carrier or if you really trust your friends, you can ask them to help you.

Things you will need:

  1. Transport Vehicle- SUV or Carriage cars
  2. Gloves- to not loose grip while lifting and placing the piano
  3. Planks – you may probably need a plank. A plank with wheels is a better option because; it will help you move the piano in and out easily.
  4. Ropes – you will need ropes to tie your piano tightly so that it does not move
  5. Cover- you can use some old bedspread or thick plastic sheet to cover your piano, so that it does not get any scratches on it as well as it will prevent dirt from settling on it
  6. Last thing is if you have called your friends, you will need their help to lift the piano and place it in the transport vehicle. Or else the professional packers and movers have their staff to do it.

How to move a Piano?

  • Firstly, fix a proper location for your piano. You should not shift and reshift it again and again
  • Once you have decided the new location, make arrangements for shifting it.
  • Avoid placing your piano next to any cold or hot devices. This might spoil the chords and sound of your piano.
  • You have to now lift the piano. For this, first you will have to close the lid of the piano and lock it. Never lift the piano without locking it. Once you have locked the piano start moving it.
  • To be on a safer side, position one person each on all the four sides of the piano. The gloves mentioned above will be used here. Provide gloves to those who are holding the piano so that nobody’s hand slips or no one gets hurt.
  • Try to move the piano upright. If the passage or area is small that you can lift it and move it sideways. However, you have to be very careful while doing so and see that the legs of the piano do not break.
  • Clear the way, from where you will take your piano, see to it that there are no obstacles like slippers, shoes, brooms, etc. in the way, over which you might trip.
  • Carefully and slowly move the piano. Do not just rush; you are shifting a piano not running in a race. Move slowly just some inches every time.
  • While moving it up in a vehicle you can use a wooden plank, place the plank as a slope between the vehicle and the ground. Place the piano on the plank and now shift the plank inside the vehicle.
  • Once the piano is placed inside, tie the ends of the piano with a rope to fix it so that it does not move inside the vehicle.
  • Also, cover the piano with an old bedspread or plastic sheet so that the piano does not catch dirt or get any scratches.
  • While placing the piano in the vehicle, see to it that there is space inside the vehicle where you have placed your piano. Else, you will find it difficult to get in and out to move the piano.
  • Close the door of the vehicle well, and you are ready to move it.
  • Another important instruction is that if you have any joint surgeries, joint pain complaints or muscle cramps please do not lift the piano, as it will hurt you even more. In this case, try taking help from someone, or hire professional packers and movers.

It is very simple, isn’t it? Be careful and see that you have proper help to shift your piano.

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