How to Transport Weed

It sometimes becomes necessary to transport weed for you, if you are traveling and need to take it along with you. You might be growing weed at some other place and need to transport it somewhere else for selling it or using it with your friends. You will thus have to know ‘how to transport weed’.

Some people are very much used to homegrown weed. They can get high only on homegrown weed. In these cases, you have to travel with weeds from your home. As you know, while traveling, it is illegal to travel with weeds. The laws and regulations do not allow you to transport weed but as we all know, it is still transported.

If you are a hood pharmacist, a street hustler or an inter or intra State weed mule in US, or just someone who wants to share the homegrown weed with your friends, you should know ‘how to transport weed’. While doing so you always have a fear that you will be caught by the cops or the customs at the airport. Even if you succeed in hiding it, the Sniffer dogs might smell it out easily. If caught, you will be behind the bars for years.

If you are born ‘White’ the chances of you being caught in such an action reduces. As per the statement released by the Justice Department Study-Police, officials are less likely to search for white drivers than the Black or Hispanic drivers.

If you are a black weed hustler, you can opt for being a Hispanic weed hustle. Posing as a Hispanic weed hustler your chances of being caught reduce by 33%. If you still want more safety, opt for a white weed hustler. You can hire someone if needed. The chances of a white weed hustler being caught come down to a whopping 66%.

Black weed whistler has the highest chances of being caught with weed, then comes the Hispanic and the least chances of being caught are of white weed hustlers.

If you are traveling by your own vehicle, try to make a stash spot in your vehicle. This smart stash spot will help you to hide your weeds and not allow the police officials to find it even if he/ she tries to search your car.

Just be alert and smart, and transport your weeds with you.

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